Automatic Roof Measurements by Drone

Commercial drone operator Levitate Aerial Imaging has launched a new service taking advantage of developments in artificial intelligence.

The drone-generated roof report automatically identifies and measures different roof and edge types, including surface areas, valleys, flashing, ridges, parapets and eaves. The Drone Deploy application means Levitate can quickly and safely deliver the data essential to roofing repairs, condition assessments, insurance claims and photo-voltaic installations.

Very high definition
High-resolution overlapping geo-tagged images are captured and merged into a single orthomosaic map with the Drone Deploy software – essentially a very high definition aerial image that can be used to measure actual distances and areas.

2D orthomosaic map of school captured by drone

The core output is a detailed analysis of the roof structure – measurement of all edges, surface areas, ridges, valleys, flashing, hips, parapets and eaves, providing the data needed to make accurate repair or insurance assessments.

The accompanying images provide a permanent photographic record of the roof, making it easy, safe and fast to identify damage.

According to Levitate Director, Rennie Campbell, “The service enables roofing companies and building managers to deliver more accurate roof assessments while staying safe. The visual results are also easy to share with clients, making quotes and recommendations more transparent and straightforward to justify.”

Click here for more information on Levitate Aerial Imaging.



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