EstimatorRoof the Fast and Simple Way to New Business

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EstimatorRoof the Fast and Simple Way to New Business

EstimatorRoof software simplifies the task of roofing estimation to create fast, accurate and detailed customer quotes.  EstimatorRoof steers users through the process of estimation, ensuring all requirements are met.  The process is fast and simple: measure the roof, enter the dimensions, select the parts – and then just click Estimate.  Estimates take minutes rather than hours, freeing up time to create more business. EstimatorRoof will calculate costs for rectangular, mono-pitch, and L-shaped roofs. Extensions/intersections and dormers (both flat and pitched roof dormers) can be estimated stand-alone as well as with both rectangular and L-shaped roofs. Many options are provided to ensure the accuracy of estimates, for example if bonnets are required on the hips, the same number of tile rows will appear across all faces of the roof. It also produces a full parts list detailing the quantity of each roof part, including labour and skips.  Profit mark up percentages can be applied to the parts and labour separately and users maintain their own parts and prices; no fees are charged for expensive price update subscriptions. Over 30 configurable parameters are available to fine tune the estimator to your own metrics.  No other roofing estimator is as configurable. For more details visit, email info@SandensConsulting.comor call 07910 467497.


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