2020 Liquid Waterproofing Supplement

The Roofing Today Liquid Waterproofing Supplement 2020 showcases the impressive range of projects this versatile technology can be used for.

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Published with the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA), the Supplement includes a Foreword from Sarah Spink, CEO, reflecting on the challenges of the year in the liquid waterproofing market and what the future might hold.

Expert Articles

Expert articles contributed by the LRWA include:

  • Specification and practice for buried applications of liquid waterproofing
  • Benefits and considerations of liquid waterproofing for infrastructure projects, such as bridges and heavy-use roads
  • Introduction to the new LRWA Design Guide for Specifiers, with information on fire regulations, thermal performance and other regulation compliance.

Detailed Case Studies

Detailed case studies explaining the specification and technical considerations at key stages of projects include:

RG Scott’s Architectural Jewel Restored to Former Glory with Repoma Liquid
The roof refurbishment and restoration of Our Lady of Christians Catholic Church in Birmingham by SIG design and Technology

Tor Coatings Case Study: Tintagel House, London
How Tor Coatings roof coating system was overlayed on the existing roof achieving minimal disruption, landfil waste and, of course, a watertight roof.

Bright and Uplifting – Whitesales Em-Glaze Ridgelight Drenches Interior with Natural Light
The dramatic natural light impact achieved with an Em-Glaze modular ridgelight specification.

Flex-R: Festival Place Shopping Centre, Basingstoke
A versatile, zero odour solution was specified to cope with the complex detail on this roof and allowing the centre to stay open to the public during the roof’s refurbishment.

Britannia Paints Advanced Coating Systems Completes Major Dublin Roof Encapsulation
A reinforced built-up rubber based system, Polyshield extended the life of this 8000m2 roof.

Delcote Metal Roof Coating System
HD Sharmans highlights how a regular maintainence regime will extend the life of steel profiled roofing using recoating and cut edge anti-corrosion technology.

Gradient Expertise and High-Performance Insulation Systems Ensure Roof Achieves Thermal Performance
Gradient’s turnkey service and high performance insulation achieved the desired U-value performance on a highly challenging remodelling project at a private residence in London.

Kill or Cure for In Situ Concrete Roof Decks?
Discussing the dangers of curing compounds in threatening the adhesion of hot melt waterproofing systems and advising on their correct selection to ensure a complete roof deck bond.

How Liquid Waterproofing Can Meet Complex Demands
Cold-applied Liquid waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, explains the versatility of liquids when it comes to multi-purpose design.

Tremco Roofing Solutions Assured Performance with the Benefit of a Start to Finish Service
Explains the benefits and suitability of a range of products for different project types, including roofs and car park decks.

Why It’s Becoming More Difficult for Contractors to Make the Right Choice
Discussing the range of prices and quality of liquid systems and choosing between them.


Soprema is a Global Leader in Waterproofing and Insulation
Total solutions for building envelopes with a wide range of products and technical experise to support projects from design to installation, backed by warranty schemes.

GCP Applied Technologies Long Term Protection for Important Buildings and Vital Infrastructure
Bringing together advanced waterproofing technology and technical support to extend the life of structures including bridges, car parks, podium decks and buried/green roofs.

Triflex are the No.1 for Detailing in Europe
Waterproofing solutions for highly complex details, including penetrations, upstands, and gutters.

Quantum Insulation Certified Non-Combustible RockFace A2 Inverted Roof Upstand Board
Approved Document B compliant, non-combustible flat roof insulation.



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