2021 FTMRC Hard Metals Awards Winners Announced

FTMRC and LCA Awards 2021 winners group photo

THE FEDERATION of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC) awards winners and finalists were announced at a combined Technical Seminar and Awards event on 24 September, 2021.

The event, hosted with the Lead Contractors Association (LCA), opened with keynote speaker Keith Roberts from Roberts Consulting talking on the topic of Effective Roof Surveys, followed by Chris Ivey from THSP covering Health and Safety, focussing on health.

Networking took place over a lunch and trade stands from supporting Associate Members demonstrated their products and uses.

Over 80 entrants competed for the industry’s highest accolades both in the highly coveted FTMRC Hard Metals Awards and prestigious Murdoch Awards (to be announced separately).

FTMRC Hard Metals Award Winner

The FTMRC Hard Metals Awards saw a record number of high-quality entries which presented a challenging time for the judges.

FTMRC Hard Metals Awards
Winners of the FTMRC award were Salmon Solutions Ltd for Barwick Farm

FTMRC Hard Metals Awards logoThe awards opened with the Commercial Roofing Award, sponsored by SIG Roofing.  The winner was Salmon Solutions Ltd with Barwick Farm. A barn building finished as four high end residential properties, the use of modern products installed in a traditional skillset was completed during the summer, amidst the pandemic. The team were able to continue working on transforming the dilapidated barn building, Elzinc Lava Standing Seam roofing provides a contemporary finish to this established rural structure.

FTMRC Awards Finalists

All Metal Roofing Ltd were finalists for their work at Magdelene College

FTMRC Awards
Finalist: All Metal Roofing Ltd for Magdelene College

Due to the steep pitches and formation of the ridges access was the biggest challenge. A series of ladders had to be utilised and protected whilst installing the zinc.

The VCL was installed whilst the pods were at ground level, this ensured the CLT was protected from the elements at the earliest opportunity.  Once lifted and placed into position, the insulation and zinc would then be installed.

FTMRC award finalist
Finalist: MBM Hard Metals Ltd for the Great Tapestry.

The additional finalist was MBM Hard Metals Ltd for their work on the Great Tapestry.

The Great Tapestry of Scotland featured a warm vented roof with a built up decking sheet and insulation plywood, and included a PREFA separation layer and PREFA metal.


FTMRC Cladding Award Winner

Winners of the Cladding Award, sponsored by ALM HM, were Longworth Building Services Ltd for the LGBT Centre

FTMRC Hard Metals Awards logoThe Cladding Award, sponsored by ALM HM, was won by Longworth Building Services Ltd for their work at the LGBT Centre. This centre focuses on youth engagement, offering group sessions and peer support to young people.

Over the last three years demand for the Proud Trust’s services has increased. To meet demand, it is building a three-story centre on the site of the existing facility. Longworth fitted Arubis copper flat lock welt façade with Rimex window surrounds.

Cladding Award Finalists

FTMRC Awards
Finalist: Cladding Award – All Metal Roofing Ltd for NW Cambridge.

The finalists were All Metal Roofing Ltd for their work at NW Cambridge. The building featured PREFA Metal Traditional Textures RAL 8019 Aluminium cladding on a 370-acre new district development of 3000 homes, including accommodation for 2000 students and 100,000m2 of research facilities.

The other finalists were Salmon Solutions Ltd for work on Victoria Road.

FTMRC Awards finalist project photo
Finalist: Cladding Award – Salmon Solutions Ltd for Victoria Road.

Victoria Road combines Standing Seam and Flat Lock Installation methods onto a ventilated 18mm Plywood substrate.

The impressive aesthetic display of VM Zinc Pigmento Green, Anthra and KME Tecu Oxid Copper complements the craftmanship of traditional metal roofing and cladding for all to see.

Small Projects Award Winner

Winner: The Small Project Award was won by Peters Roofing Contractors Ltd for their project 33 Regents Park Road.

FTMRC Hard Metals Awards logoThe Small Projects Award, sponsored by Metal Solutions, winner offered an unusual approach to the use of traditional materials and was won by Peters Roofing Contractors Ltd for their project 33 Regents Park Road.

The project involved restoration of a zinc veranda to a listed Victorian property on the Grand Union Canal. It included the construction of a traditional unsupported veranda style which had no substrate other than the supporting steel bars.

FTMRC Awards
Finalist: Small Project Award – HL Metals Ltd for The Artist Bothy.

Small Project Award Finalists

The finalists were HL Metals Ltd for their work on The Artist Bothy. 

The Artist Bothy is a haven inspired by the simplicity and seclusion of traditional Scottish mountain bothies. Designed for now, but drawing on the past, the Bothy promotes slow living and a greater appreciation of life’s fundamentals. The installation was finished in CorTen Weathering Steel.FTMRC Awards

The other finalists were JTC Roofing Contractors Ltd for the Game Larder.

The Game Larder was covered in felt. It had to be reinstated to as near to the original as possible. Architect had access to very old photographs and it was decided zinc should be used together with a zinc insect mesh on the inside of the louvres. The roof were fitted with round battens to the hips.

Ian Harvey Architectural Award Winner

FTMRC Awards
Winner: Ian Harvey Architectural Award, sponsored by Metra (Non Ferras) Metals Ltd, was awarded to All Metal Roofing Ltd for Cambridge House.

FTMRC Hard Metals Awards logoThe coveted Ian Harvey Architectural Award, sponsored by Metra (Non Ferras) Metals Ltd, was awarded to All Metal Roofing Ltd for their work at Cambridge House.

The redevelopment of the existing former four storey building and additionally a new two storey vertical extension was formed using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) technology, to provide a further 440m2 of space, including a state-of-the-art lecture theatre with capacity for 180 people. Using Aurubis 0.7mm Nordic standing Seam Cladding at varying centres, with breather membrane fixed to 0.7mm Tata steel decking.

Ian Harvey Architectural Award Finalists

FTMRC Awards
Finalist: The Ian Harvey Architectural Award – Architectural Metal Roofing Ltd for Huxham Shard.

The finalists were Architectural Metal Roofing Ltd for their work on the Huxham Shard.

The architect’s idea was to have the walls look like shards of broken glass fallen into the ground. The building is made up of dozens of these shards, all a different size, angle and staggered in and out. They are joined by sections of glass  and no two pieces of glazing are the same size! The building features standing seam on VM Zinc Quartz Strat.

FTMRC Awards
Finalists: Ian Harvey Architectural Award – Sykes Roofing for St Georges Church.

The other finalists were Sykes Roofing for their work at St Georges Church.

The church featured Aperam FME Terne coated stainless steel which was laid on a newly constructed sawn board substrate with ventilation into the bell tower from the louvres and doors, allowing full flow of air through.

Commitment to Training Awards Winners

FTMRC Hard Metals Awards logoThe Commitment to Training Award Large Contractor, sponsored by VM Zinc, went to Longworth Building Services Ltd for their dedication and innovative approach to training.

The finalist was Salmon Solutions Ltd.

The Commitment to Training Award SME Contractor, also sponsored by VM Zinc was awarded to Gradient Roofing Services Ltd with finalist Northwest Lead Ltd.

Contractor of the Year Award Winner

Finally, the Contractor of the Year Award, sponsored by PREFA, went to All Metal Roofing Ltd. With worthy finalists Longworth Building Services Ltd and Salmon Solutions Ltd.

FTMRC Awards

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