2021 Liquid Waterproofing Supplement

PACKED FULL of valuable guidance, technical information, sector discussion and diverse project case studies, the 2021 Liquid Waterproofing Supplement is a vital resource for specifiers and contractors.

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Published in association with the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA), the Supplement features a Foreword by LRWA CEO, Sarah Spink discussing the buoyant and growing liquid waterproofing sector as it emerges from the pandemic and the forthcoming challenges it faces.

LRWA Features

Additional LRWA features focus on the specialist training opportunities available which are needed in the sector to keep pace with its ongoing growth.

Flying the flag for working in the liquid roofing and waterproofing sector, there are also career profiles of LRWA’s Ray McCarten, a specialist liquid trainer; and Moy’s Technical Manager, Will Russell showing the opportunities for progression and benefits of specialist training.

In 2020, the LRWA formed a specialist Hot Melt subcommittee and Andrew Harper provides an update on its latest technical guidance and the development of best practice installation advice.

2021 Liquid Waterproofing Supplement Contributors

Taking the latest revisions to BS 6229 as a starting point, Andrew Harper, Bauder Hot Melt Product Manager discusses specifying the right finish for concrete roof decks and encourages specifiers to start a conversation early on in the project process with waterproofing system providers.

As part of a multi-million refurbishment, Kemper Systems chronicles a rare project to construct a brand-new monumental fountain – and the specification of exactly the right liquid waterproofing to achieve a high performing and visually striking finish.

Taking a look at metal roof coating, Sharmans details the kinds of performance, fire safety and guarantees specifiers and contractors should expect when looking at the company’s products.

Working on a sensitive site of national importance, Flex R worked hand in hand with one of its specialist registered installers to come up with exactly the right system to efficiently and economically reinstate the new, guaranteed roof covering.

Replacing the roof of one of Scotland’s most iconic buildings meant specifying the right materials was of paramount importance. Gradient’s tapered roof insulation offered important benefits in securing this historic architectural feature.

The centrepiece of the city, Plymouth’s historic, grade II listed market was a challenging and important re-roofing project that SIG Design and Technology delivered with a solution meeting Historic England’s requirements and restoring civic pride.

Helping to inspire families to enjoy nature, Whitesales provided a proprietary rooflight frame design and details as the optimum solution for a new green roof, providing natural daylight, thermal performance and ventilation.

Achieving a cost-effective, reliable and waste-free overlay solution, Triflex explains how the large, failed roof of Potter’s Quay Business Centre in Belfast was renewed without compromising its cantilevered perimeter and shallow profile design.

Giving an insight into the process of encapsulating a major roof in Dublin, Britannia Paints describes the preparation and installation of the refurbished roof finish to renew and the extend its life time expectancy.

Every building has its own story, and Proteus Waterproofing describes how what it thought was a relatively straightforward waterproofing of a car park, turned into protecting a grade II, historic building still in extensive use.

In a case study of the roof refurbishment of one of Europe’s largest shopping destinations, Sika Liquid Plastics describes how its system’s ease of installation meant the Sika Certified Contractor finished ahead of schedule.

In a £50 million Mayfair development, Ravago Building Solutions presented the ideal solution for a demanding specification, delivered, the contractor reports, with ‘high level expertise and superb customer service’.