2021 Murdoch Awards Winners Announced

LCA Murdoch 2021 Award winners & finalists

WINNERS OF THE prestigious 2021 Murdoch Awards have been announced, recognising outstanding leadwork projects across the country.

The winners were presented with their awards at a combined Lead Contractors Association (LCA) and Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC) event, taking place at Lingfield Park Racecourse on 24 September, 2021.

Presented by June and Dr Linda Murdoch, the LCA Murdoch Awards attracted an extremely high standard of entries, with over 36 entrants giving the judges a difficult task.

2021 Murdoch Awards

2021 Murdoch Awards
Bank of Scotland

The Main Murdoch Award, sponsored by ALM, was awarded to D. Blake & Co. Ltd of Scotland for their work on the Bank of Scotland. The project consisted of the removal of a copper roof believed to been installed in the 1950’s and replaced in lead, as it would have originally been around 1806, but was substantially altered later in the 19th century.

2021 Murdoch Awards
Queen’s College

The finalists were N. Lee & Son Ltd for their work on The Queen’s College code 5 & 8 milled lead Re- Roof Chapel and Main Hall Roof.

2021 Murdoch Awards
Beverley Minster

The other finalist was A R Lead Specialist Ltd for their work on Beverley Minster. Work on the Beverley Minster lesser south transept commenced in September 2020 and was completed in 8 weeks. Consisting of 255m2 of hollow roll at 360mm centres, on 65-degree pitch in sand cast lead, which is believed to be the only example of this type of installation in the UK.

2021 Murdoch Awards
West Dene College

Highly Commended went to Clarke Roofing Southern Ltd for their work on West Dene College of Arts & Conservation. The works were undertaken in 2 stages, working on 39 separate roof areas as a combination of slate and lead roofs. The project was run over two years with a delay caused by the pandemic. The new lead work was milled lead and the lead flat roofs installed were code 7/8/9/10 lead. All lead was coated on the underside with a chalk emulsion to protect the lead from carbonation, but with a green pigment introduced so that in later times any corrosion can be easily identified.

Murdoch Sponsor’s Award

2021 Murdoch Awards
St Paul’s Cathedral

The Murdoch Sponsor’s Award, sponsored by ALM, was awarded to LDN Leadwork Ltd for their work on St Paul’s Cathedral School.

The project was a full design, carpentry and leadwork package in Code 5 lead sheet. The design utilised a load bearing framework with secret gutters and random pre-formed panelling not exceeding the maximum size for the largest panels.

Murdoch Sponsor’s Award Finalists

The Finalists were Tim Fuge Leadwork Ltd for their work on Northcliffe.  Northcliffe is a single-story extension to an old house, perched

2021 Murdoch Awards

on the cliff edge above Port Isaac Harbour. The lead roof was covering a room, which had a large bay window, giving a panoramic view of the town, harbour and sea. Sand cast lead was used to complement the traditional nature of the building, and used a combination of code 6, 7 & 8, depending on the bay lengths which varied greatly. The biggest challenge was laying out the rolls in a way that was symmetrical, practical, and technically correct. The original building was typically Cornish by being completely out of square.

2021 Murdoch Awards
Hadley Lodge

The other finalist was Architectural Lead & Metalwork Ltd for their work on Hadley Lodge, a barrel roof in Code 6 lead.

2021 Murdoch Awards
Dulwich Village

Highly Commended went to Lead It Be Ltd for their work on Dulwich Village. The glass design was requested by the leading architect as they wanted it to sit inside the opening. All works shown are code 7. Pitched roofing was carried out by D Long Roofing specialist.

Murdoch Ornamental Award

The Murdoch Ornamental Award, sponsored by British Lead, completed the Murdoch Awards, attracting a record 19 entries and the winner was Architectural Lead and Metalwork Ltd for its outstanding Mercury Statue.

2021 Murdoch Awards
Mercury Statue

The Mercury Statue is cast in 12 separate sections, which were then welded together and meticulously filed and polished to hide the joints. The entire statue is cast hollow, except for the standing leg, which is cast solid to a point midway up the thigh with a stainless-steel armature encased internally in the standing leg. This allows the leg to be securely fixed to the plinth below and the torso above, giving the piece much greater structural integrity for many years to come.

Murdoch Ornamental Award Finalists

2021 Murdoch Awards
Pineapple Fountain

The finalists were Turners Ornamental for the Pineapple FountainThe diameter of the trellis base cistern is 1.470 X 560mm high, weighing 680 kilos. The pineapple is 700mm tall on a tri-stand and the copper and lead fountain has an average thickness of 9mm lead. All lead was cast in green sand mould and the corners were fully burned with complete root burn. All pattern work was designed and made by Turners.

2021 Murdoch Awards
The doves cast (left) and installed (right).

The other finalist was Bovill Lead Ltd for the Doves. The Doves are perched on the top of the medieval Carrickfergus castle looking over the entrance to Belfast lough. In the early 1100’s Lord John De Courcy ruled over Carrickfergus and on his coat of arms there are two doves facing each other, which inspired the ornamental doves and their positioning on the towers.

2021 Murdoch Awards
Westminster Finial

Highly Commended went to Conservation Leadwork Ltd for their work on the Finial Westminster. This is a cast lead finial supplied for the new visitor entrance at Westminster Abbey. Approximately 7 feet tall and weighing around a quarter of a ton, it has a duplex stainless steel threaded rod running up through the middle.

The complete 2021 Murdoch Awards can be viewed on the Lead Contractors Association website.

Congratulations to all the worthy winners and finalists, who have proved their excellent standards of craftsmanship and expertise to produce world-class work to last lifetimes.

2021 Murdoch Awards

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