2021 Single Ply Systems Supplement

ROOFING TODAY proudly presents the 2021 Single Ply Systems Supplement showcasing the projects that can be enhanced by this roof type.

From spectacular green roofs, to mammoth warehouses, to architectural icons – the 2021 Single Ply Systems Supplement demonstrates the impressive versatility and technical capabilities of this modern roofing choice.

2021 Single Ply Systems 

Published with the Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA), there are important technical contributions for the sector about training, competence and quality refurbishments.

2021 Single Ply Systems Supplement
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With a Foreword by Dr Ronan Brunton, CEO of the SPRA, the Supplement opens with an examination of ‘Developing Competence’ (p4).  The SPRA has developed a formidable reputation as a training provider in this specialist single ply roofing discipline. This role has increased in importance as the construction industry tackles post-Grenfell challenges to demonstrate individual and organisational competence.

Anthony Hogan, SPRA’s Technical Manager continues the theme of competence in his article discussing the management of both the construction phase and maintenance of single ply roofs. Pinpointing instances of poor practice, Anthony explains the site considerations needed to ensure SPRA member contractors leave their clients the excellent roofing result they strive for.

2021 Single Ply Systems Supplement article

SPRA member contractors are expert in flat roof refurbishment and because single ply membranes are lightweight, easy to detail and can be attached using a variety of methods, they often undertake major refurbishment projects. In his second article, Anthony Hogan describes the systematic approach SPRA member contractors take when planning refurbishment projects in order to achieve watertight, durable roofs that provide clients with complete peace of mind.

Additional features include:

  • Award-winning projects
  • Custom specifications
  • Planning multi-faceted refurbishments
  • Plant and detailing
  • Fasteners and fixings
  • Planning and project management
  • Membranes and adhesive technology

Whether you are familiar with single ply as a technology or not, we are sure that you will take away new ideas, inspiration and knowledge and hope you enjoy reading the 2021 Single Ply Systems Supplement.

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