MOY and AquaTrace Introduce Intelligent Roofing Smart Monitoring

MOY smart monitoring

FOR OVER 40 years MOY has provided Waterproofing Systems with secure, solid cover for building envelopes. MOY has exclusively partnered with the team at AquaTrace to introduce a new dynamic solution to the MOY offerings with a 24/7 live monitoring of your roofing performance.

This intelligent roof solution, powered by AquaTrace (MOYAT), detects any break in roof performance and feeds back to you in real time via the AquaTrace smart app to your laptop or mobile device.

‘Next Level’ Monitoring


MOY Roof Waterproofing System Specialists Group Commerical Director Cathal Quinn said “We are excited to deliver a new solution adding next level monitoring for your roofing performance.

“At MOY we provide systems that are fully waterproof and secure, the Intelligent Roofing Smart Monitoring solution allows the constant monitoring of a roofing performance, live and direct. As a result we are able to dramatically reduce the risk of water ingress into a building across any stage of the building project, from construction to post completion throughout the buildings lifecycle, with millimetre accuracy before the water enters the building.

Importantly this allows immediate repair before the ingress has tracked into the building and repairs can therefore be achieved without any need to interrupt the work function of the building. This is an exciting development for the industry and one MOY are proud to be integrated with from the outset”.

Benefits of the MOY Intelligent Roof Service

    • Live monitoring of roof performance
    • Early and live warning indication when water ingress penetrates the membrane and before the building
    • Real time alerts via smart app to selected device e.g. signalling a break in the system (which could potentially cause ingress damage)
    • Ease of installation by integration of existing system components
    • Identifying the exact pinpoint of risk area
    • Allowing for the isolation of area(s) of risk
    • Protection of a high value build


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