7 House Repairs You Have To Address ASAP

Home repairs can feel overwhelming, but certain issues should be fixed immediately. These problems aren’t just inconvenient, they can cause your home to continue deteriorating rapidly if they are allowed to fester. Properly maintaining your house is the best way to ensure its safety and longevity. There are some situations when the potential damage can be serious enough that you just can’t afford to wait another day to have it checked. Here are 7 house repairs that require calling a professional immediately.

A leaky roof

Your roof is responsible for keeping out the elements and protecting your house from rain, wind, and snow. Without it, water can seep into your walls and foundation causing extensive damage to flooring, insulation, and the frame of your house. When dealing with a roof leak, it’s important to call in professionals immediately to prevent further damage and permanent rot. In addition to this, like the professionals from Eagle Eye Roofing explain, many problems could arise if you try and fix your roof leaks. You might think you will save money by doing repairs yourself, but this often backfires. Not only can you risk injuries from working too high, but you also don’t have the knowledge or equipment necessary to ensure a permanent fix.

Cracked foundation wall

One of the most obvious and dangerous signs that your foundation is cracking is a visible crack in the wall itself. There are many reasons why cracks appear in foundation walls, but some of the main culprits include settling soil beneath a concrete slab, water damage, and movement in the house. All of these problems can lead to cracks that could compromise your home’s structure, putting your belongings and family at risk. Depending on the size and severity of a crack, a professional will be able to tell you if it is a major problem that needs immediate attention. If left untreated, a small crack can quickly turn into a big one with disastrous consequences.

Broken windows

While windows may not seem like an essential part of your house, they perform many important functions. Windows allow air and light into your home to create a balanced indoor climate. Not only that, but they also provide security for you and your family by keeping out those who would harm you. If you have old windows with rotting wood or cracked glass, you need to have them repaired by professionals right away. Not only do broken windows pose a security risk, but they can also cause damage to the interior of your home if left alone for too long.

Broken HVAC

Every season of the year presents different problems that come with HVAC system breakdowns. During the heating season, furnaces break down more often due to strain from below-freezing temperatures and lack of airflow. On the other hand, during the cooling season, you need your air conditioner for temperature control as well as ventilation throughout your house. If either system stops working properly or breaks completely down at an inconvenient time, call in professionals right away so they can fix it as soon as possible.

Drainage issues outside your house

Leaky gutters or a drainage system that isn’t draining properly is extremely hazardous for your foundation and the inside walls of your home. An overflowing drainage system or a gutter that is filled with debris can create pools of water, which may lead to fungi and mold growth. Not only does this attract insects, but it can also cause an imbalance of your foundation’s pH level. All of these problems can lead to damage between your walls and foundation. That’s why drainage issues need to be addressed immediately so you don’t let the problem get worse.

A leaky basement

Every home should have a basement, but not every basement has proper waterproofing. The main purpose of having a basement is for storage, but it can also serve as a living space in some cases. It may sound like overkill, but you do need to keep an eye on water leaks down there because they can cause all sorts of serious problems including structural damage that requires costly repairs. If you notice any signs of moisture around the exterior perimeter of your house or inside your basement itself, call in professionals right away before mold becomes an issue.

Electrical problems

You can’t see, hear, taste, smell or touch electricity, so it’s easy to take its presence for granted. However, if your wiring is faulty in any way – overheating, not enough insulation on the wires, exposed wires coming out of the wall – you have an electrical problem that must be addressed immediately by professionals. A short-circuited wire could cause a fire in your walls and lead to damage throughout your home. You need to call in professionals right away before this risk becomes a reality.

Not all house repair issues are emergency or life-threatening problems. However, addressing these seven issues as soon as possible is critical for the safety and function of your home. If you are experiencing any problems with your foundation, basement, electrical system, or any mentioned above, contact a professional today!