A Historic Slate Installation Fit for World Leaders

Chalet with slate roof - historic slate

WORLD LEADER in natural slate, CUPA PIZARRAS had its products specified across a major development and refurbishment historic slate project at Tregenna Castle. The company’s products were selected for their ability to endure extreme local weather and provide an exceptionally long lifespan.

Delivering spectacular views of the St Ives coastline, the Castle Approach Estate is a new collection of lodges built in the grounds of the historic Tregenna Castle Resort. The exclusive development, which was recently finished, had been under construction since 2008.

Slate roofs on chalets with the setting sun

In looking to complete the exclusive lodges, roofing contractor, Summit Roofing Solutions utilised a number of CUPA PIZARRAS’ products. Likewise, the project team also chose to use the company’s natural slate to complete a renovation of Tregenna Castle’s original roof.

On account of their locale, the lodges and castle are subject to difficult coastal conditions, including extreme winds and sea spray. As such, the project team needed access to roofing solutions that could deliver long-lasting, durable performance. Likewise, given Tregenna Castle’s status as a Grade II listed property, the team had to ensure that any selected products were able to deliver a traditional aesthetic, whilst still providing modern performance. Fortunately, CUPA PIZARRAS natural slate was able to meet all the desired criteria.

Chalets with Cornish coast in the background

Historic Slate

Therefore, roofs on the lodges at Tregenna Estate exclusively used CUPA PIZARRAS’ 400mm x 200mm CUPA 12 natural slates, fixed using 100mm stainless steel hooks that were also produced and supplied by CUPA PIZARRAS.

Notably, Summit Roofing Solutions was able to install the natural slate as a closed mitred hip system. In doing so, the project team ensured that all slates lined up perfectly with one another, which is only possible on account of the products’ uniform size and quality.

This latter point was particularly important on the lodges, where sections of roof were stepped down in certain locations and visible from ground level. By finding a solution that could be lined up perfectly, the project team was able to uphold a laying plan it had established prior to installation.

Chalets set in semi circle of grass lawn

Help Meeting Goals

Speaking on the project at Tregenna Estate, Adam Palmer, Company Owner of Summit Roofing Solutions commented: “We took over this project after a prior installation using another brand of slate was not approved by the main contractor. Upon receiving the brief, we recognized that CUPA PIZARRAS’ solutions could help us to meet all key project goals. What’s more, the company helped us to overcome a number of logistical challenges.”

G7 Summit Logistics

Following project completion, the Tregenna Estate played host to key stakeholders attending the G7 Summit in Cornwall, including the Prime Minister and US President Joe Biden. In anticipation of the event, enhanced security provisions were put in place on the site, which made the logistical side of the project more difficult.

Thankfully, through its extensive distribution network, CUPA PIZARRAS was able to devise a well-considered delivery and logistics plan to ensure that supplies could reach the project team at critical times.

Speaking on this aspect of the project, Stuart Black, Sales Manager at CUPA PIZARRAS commented: “With the site more restricted than usual, our team had to work hard to ensure effective delivery and logistical performance. By enacting a well-considered delivery and logistics plan, our team helped to ensure a roofing installation with virtually no delays or issues occurring.

“We regularly held toolbox talks and CPD seminars with the roofing contractor’s team to ensure all work conducted on site was of the highest quality and carried out in a safe manner.”

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