Accelerate August 16 rules to Offset Construction ‘Pingdemic’

Covid test - self-isolation

INDUSTRY LEADERS have called for acceleration of rules relaxing requirements for COVID19 self-isolation for double-vaccinated workers.

On August 16 the regulations on self-isolation will be relaxed across the economy, when anyone who has been double-jabbed will be able to continue to work if they are notified that they have been a contact of someone that has COVID-19.

Material and Labour Shortages

But ahead of the change, construction businesses from merchants to manufacturers and consultants to contractors are being severely hampered as staff are having to stay at home after being identified as a contact of a COVID-19 case, even if they are fully vaccinated. The issue is further exacerbating existing difficult trading due to materials and staff shortages.

The Construction Leadership Council proposes that the 16 August relaxation be brought forward as soon as is possible.

The move would incentivise workers to get vaccinated, while alleviating pressures on the delivery of vital construction projects and maintenance of national infrastructure.

Construction continues to widely implement the Site- and Branch Operating Procedures to continue to operate safely.

Andy Mitchell, CLC Co-Chair

CLC co-chair Andy Mitchell said: “We have reports from across the industry of plants, sites and offices having to wind down activities as staff have been asked to isolate. This is putting very significant pressure on the sector, risking project delivery and even the viability of some firms.

“Where staff are already fully vaccinated, and recognising that such people will be free to work from 16 August anyway, we are asking the Government to bring forward this date for essential industries like construction, ensuring that the industry doesn’t grind to a halt.”

The Construction Leadership Council has updated its guidance in relation to self-isolation.

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