Air Bourne Drones Ltd Launches Game-Changing Product

FATHER AND son team, Pete and Charlie Bourne, based in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, have launched a new product aimed at making internal inspection work easier and safer.


The new Product, Bumpcage, fits around a standard DJi Phantom 4 drone and enables it to fly in close proximity situations. Designed and developed in-house, Bumpcage is the lightest Phantom 4 cage available in the UK. It weighs just 130 grams, giving it class leading flight times and nimble agility in the air. Bumpcage also uses light materials and is receiving rave reviews from customers within the professional Drone industry.

Below, Charlie is handing over the very first production Bumpcage to Mark Coleman of GeoAccess Ltd a specialist inspection company.

Pete and Charlie set up their company Air Bourne Drones Ltd with the intention of developing products to help all industries benefit from the use of drones. The Phantom 4 is well respected within the drone industry and is regarded as a solid workhorse of immense capability.

The combination of the Phantom 4 and Bumpcage enables companies to take photos and videos of hard to reach structures in a safe and cost-effective manner.

What’s in the future?
Air Bourne Drones Ltd has its own prototyping function and the team are busy creating the next exciting add-on products for Bumpcage. The cage will act as a platform for many accessories such as lighting, tooling etc.

A prototype cage fitted with a parachute system
For more information visit the Air Bourne Drones website or contact the team directly at




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