Ali-Fabs Renews the Only Coping BBA Certification in the UK


ALI-FABS ALUMINIUM Architectural Coping is the only BBA-approved coping system in the UK. The coping system has been BBA Certified specifically. This is for its use on commercial, residential, industrial and public buildings all around the UK.

Ali-Fabs, part of the Guttercrest Group have recently renewed the BBA Certification for the product to show the high standards are continuing to be met.

The durability of aluminium means it can be used in a number of applications, and exposed to extreme environments. To maximise strength, it is alloyed with other elements. Tests were undertaken to establish the durability and compatibility of these alloys. This ensures that they are correct and continued to uphold.

High quality product

For Guttercrest, keeping Ali-Fabs Architectural Coping product on the market with renewed BBA Certification means it can continue to enjoy its reputation. This is as a high quality product- independently tested to be safe and fit-for-purpose.

Gary Power, Managing Director of Guttercrest, comments: “Retaining the only BBA Certification for Coping System in the UK means that we continue to be recognised throughout the construction industry. It’s a symbol of quality and reassurance that holds a lot of synergy with our own brand reputation.”

For more information about Guttercrest, visit the website here and to find out more about Ali-Fabs, click here.



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