Apollo Launches Educational New Website in June

Apollo new logo - new website

Committed to educating the flat roofing sector in adhesive and primer technology, Apollo Roofing is launching a new educational website, with a fresh design. The website goes live 1st June 2021.

A UK-BASED privately-owned manufacturer, Apollo Roofing Solutions, has been developing and manufacturing adhesives and primers for almost 50 years and specifically for the roofing sector for over 25.

During this time, Apollo Roofing has committed to raising industry standards in adhesive and primer technology.

Apollo’s Educational Website

Apollo’s new educational website aims to help the industry get the most benefit from their adhesive and primer products to allow for the creation of high-performance flat waterproofing systems.

The website had been planned by Apollo Roofing for some time, but the need for an online educational tool became even more evident once the Covid-19 pandemic hit, spurring the website development forward. The aim of the website is to deliver key information in an educational, easy-to-use and accessible way.

Apollo has aimed to create a tool that allows customers and others in the industry to access training and useful tips and advice when they need it. Covid-19 prevented ‘hands-on’ training, which further highlighted that such a tool was a necessary step in the right direction. Moving forward, the online tool will not replace ‘hands-on’ training, but will be there to supplement it and offer convenience.

To coincide with the new website, Apollo has also refreshed their branding with new colours, giving their communication materials a modern and simplified look. Customers will never see Apollo’s branding on products in the flat roofing sector, and the company is committed to supporting OEMs by supplying high quality products and educating on appropriate application.

Key features of the website

Forward – Thinking ‘Knowledge Hub’

Knowledge hubKeen to share knowledge and expertise, the ‘Knowledge Hub’ will be open to all in the flat roofing industry. The Apollo Roofing website will include a range of up-to-date application videos and extensive blogs. This comprises of advice on product characteristics and key product selection criteria to application and storage advice.

There will also be information on industry issues impacting adhesive technology – and much more. Apollo named it the ‘Knowledge Hub’ as it is an informative information bank, which utilises nearly 50 years of adhesive know-how and expertise.

Bespoke ‘Customer Area’

Only Apollo Roofing’s customers will have access to their own password protected private area, which will feature technical data sheets (TDS) and safety data sheets (SDS), as well as suggested tailored content for each product supplied.  This could be in article, blog or video format. The aim is to ensure each customer has all of the information they need. We are also happy to hear any ideas our customers may have for what they would like to see in their private area!

Quick, Modern, and Easy-to-Use

As well as having a fresh new look, the Apollo Roofing website will be fast-loading with easy-to-use navigation, allowing information to be accessed quickly and easily. Available on various platforms, (desktop, laptop and mobile) the new Apollo website has been professionally designed to ensure speed of navigation. Each section has been clearly marked out so the information can be found in moments.

You can visit Apollo Roofing’s new website from the 1st June, 2021.

Apollo Roofing Solutions exclusively supplies OEMS, but their new website provides educational tools for the industry. Only Apollo customers will have access to their own private area.

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