Appeal for National Campaign to Support Tradespeople and Contractors

Tens of thousands of British tradespeople are not being paid for the work they have done, according to a new national campaign backed by safety workwear and footwear designers Scruffs.

A petition has been launched as part of the company’s #PayWhatYouOwe campaign, aiming to highlight the problem of late payments in the construction industry.

A spokesperson at Scruffs said: “Tradespeople are now increasingly at risk of severe financial burdens and pressure on their businesses, as invoices are delayed or disputed by customers.”

The petition, which is continually gathering signatures, acknowledges the issue of tradespeople being unfairly charged for work-related expenses.

To enforce change, the petition seeks to provide tradespeople – particularly those who are self-employed – with more robust support. This could include establishing more rights for tradespeople, when it comes to chasing invoices long beyond their due date, and introducing enforceable fines for unpaid bills to deter late payments.

The Scruffs spokesperson continued: “Our #PayWhatYouOwe campaign, which kicked off with a campaign video on Facebook, has already reached more than 800,000 people. It is about more than encouraging quicker payments. It’s about respect.”

To find out more about the petition click here.

For more information on the #paywhatyouowe campaign, visit the Scruffs website.



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