Apprenticeships to Change this Summer

Apprentice on a roof - apprenticeships changes

THE GOVERNMENT is making changes to the 640 apprenticeships programme from August 2022, in a bid to make them simpler to use for employers, training providers and apprentices.

The changes include placing a greater focus on provider assessment of prior learning and experience. Providers will be funded to do an upfront assessment so that apprentices can cut out training they do not require and complete their apprenticeship more quickly.

Apprenticeships Changes

A consistent baseline for off-the-job training will be introduced, specifying the minimum number of hours that a full-time apprentice must spend in training. It is hoped this will simplify providers’ reporting and standardise working hours.

English and maths requirements for Level 2 apprentices who start an apprenticeship without L1 English and maths will no longer need to automatically sit L2 English and Maths tests to complete their apprenticeship.

The payment service for providers will require less data to make payments, and improvements to Apprenticeship Service financial reports will show providers what they are being paid for each apprenticeship and why.

The government says it will also do more to ensure that all employers promptly receive their £1,000 additional support payment if they take on an eligible apprentice.

Minister for Skills Alex Burghart said: “We now want to focus on making the system as simple and user-friendly as possible, reducing bureaucratic burdens on employers and providers and giving apprentices the best possible experience.”

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