Architect and Engineer Fees at All-Time High as QS Fees Dip

ARCHITECTS’ FEES are at an all-time high after another strong year for the profession, according to the The Fees Bureau.

Fees for work in the housing and health sectors saw the biggest gains, as well as an inflation-beating rise in average hourly rates

The Fees Bureau’s Survey, now in its 20th year, also shows that consulting engineers’ fees have returned to pre-recession levels. Meanwhile, after a strong performance last year, quantity surveyors’ (QS) fees have decreased in 2019.

Respondents to the survey provide data on the fees charged for all new jobs they received, so reflect actual commissions being worked on, not just fee bids.

Aziz Mirza, Director of Fees Bureau said: “”This is the third successive year of consistent growth, when we’ve seen architects’ and engineers’ fees rising steadily. The Architects Fees Index has grown by 20 points since 2000, and half of that growth has been in the last 4 years, showing the strength of the profession even in the face of challenges like Brexit.

Architects hourly rates

“Engineers Fees’ growth has been more muted since 2015, held back by civil engineering projects. The QS Fees Index, meanwhile, has grown by 21 points since 2000.  This year fees are higher for commercial projects, but lower for public projects and stable for private housing,” he adds.

The survey also measures hourly charge-out rates, and the increase in fees is mirrored by an increase in hourly rates.

Architects’ hourly charge-out rates have increased overall by a little more than inflation, being 3 per cent higher, on average, than last year.

Engineers’ average hourly rates are up by 2 per cent on the year, but QS average rates are lower by 2 per cent.

Amongst QS’s, this year’s fall is due to lower rates being charged by Sole Principals; other rates are stable or slightly up.



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