BBA Certification Awarded to Market-Leading Ravatherm XPS X ULTRA 300 SL Insulation

Ravatherm XPS X ULTRA 300 SL

THE BRITISH BOARD of Agrément (BBA) confirms that less really is more, awarding its seal of approval to Ravatherm XPS X ULTRA 300 SL – the market-leading ultra-thin, high performance inverted roof insulation from Ravago Building Solutions UK.

The BBA certificate is the construction industry’s most important mark of quality, safety, and reliability, indicating a product that meets the most stringent UK and European standards.

Ravatherm XPS X ULTRA 300 SL

Despite being Ravatherm’s thinnest XPS insulation, ULTRA 300 SL achieves a design lambda of 0.028W/mk across the full range of thicknesses from 80-205mm.

Ravatherm XPS X ULTRA 300 SLThis offers architects and specifiers ultimate flexibility to design creatively around a spectrum of thermal and mechanical requirements – making it ideal for the construction of highly energy-efficient buildings, car park decks, balconies, and terraces.

This industry-leading innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed. “This significant accreditation helps to demonstrate that the ULTRA 300 SL insulating product is of the highest possible quality and one of the most innovative in the construction industry,” said Chris Gimson, Commercial Director at UK and Ireland Ravago Building Solutions.

“This gives our customers assurance in the quality and reliability of our products.”

The highly regarded BBA construction industry certification indicates a high-quality, experienced and reliable company and product after a series of scrupulous independent third-party checks.

This is the third BBA certification that Ravago Building Solutions has been awarded.

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