BBi Protects Roofers with A-Rated Insurance Scheme

Roofers, scaffolders and other high risk construction sectors can now benefit from an exclusive new scheme offered by insurance specialist BBi Berns Brett. The independent broker and Scaffolding Association member is one of only a few brokers in the industry that can offer insurance cover from A-rated insurers. 

Many regard insurance as a necessary evil. However, not all policies are the same and it is worth taking the time to make sure your insurance will provide for any accidents or claims that might occur.

David Skinner Managing Director of BBi Berns Brett says: “Well run businesses, with good risk management and a proven claims record can reduce their insurance costs without compromising on the quality of cover or quality of the Insurer. There have been a number of un-rated Insurers that have gone out of business in recent years, leaving policyholders having to pay another premium and deal with any third party claims themselves.”

Flexible and comprehensive solution
BBi’s new insurance scheme offers a flexible and comprehensive solution with no height or depth restrictions and high indemnity limits (£5m as standard but up to £100m can be accommodated). Built in health and safety advice also helps businesses to identify any risks that can be reduced by investing in new equipment, better procedures or training.

Berns Brett (BBi) is part of The BBi Group of Associated Companies. BBi has been established as an Independent Insurance Broker, Reinsurance Broker, Financial Adviser and Risk Manager for over 50 years. It is one of the largest independent provincial brokers in the UK.

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