Best of the Best 2022: CUPA PIZARRAS Opens Entries for Natural Slate Project of the Year

Best of the Best Natural Slate Project of the Year

FOR THE SECOND YEAR CUPA PIZARRAS is running its ‘Best of the Best’ Natural Slate Project of the Year contest. The competition is underway to find the best use of natural slate use for the year.

CUPA PIZARRAS is asking entrants to send them a video, between 45 seconds and 2 minutes long, showcasing what you consider is the most beautiful, spectacular or impressive use of natural slate and how it is installed on your project.

It could be a drone footage showing the roof from the air, close-up shots or a before-after timelapse. Imagination and originality are very important says CUPA PIZARRAS because the company’s social media followers will choose the winner.

Natural Slate Project of the Year 2022

In the first round, the readers of the firm’s blog will select the best of their country. Then the national champions will face off against each other on Instagram. There can only be one winner!

It is very easy to take part. Send CUPA your video by 15th November. If you have some footage but you don’t know how edit it or work with the images, CUP says it can help you. They can be contacted through social media or directly by email to

The winner will receive a trophy and a trip to visit CUPA PIZARRAS’ quarries and the natural slate transformation process.

Goodie Bags

However, CUPA PIZARRAS will be offering small gifts to everyone who participates, with goodie bags ready to go!

Last year’s winners were the architects who designed the ‘Impulso Verde’ in Lugo, Spain, an impressive building which won a landslide in the Instagram votes.

If you want to be the 2022 winner and visit the CUPA PIZARRAS quarries with your team simply choose the best natural slate project of the year. Send CUPA PIZARRAS your video by 15th November by emailing for your chance to win the Best of the Best 2022 Natural Slate Project of the Year and visit CUPA PIZARRAS quarries in Spain.

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