Bracknell Roofing Opens New Lancashire Branch

Bracknell Roofing has opened a new branch in Chorley, Lancashire – taking the number of branches around the UK to nine.

The company, which is one of the largest roofing contractors in the UK, identified Lancashire as a hotspot for both new housing developments and commercial projects and has already quoted for a raft of new tenders and projects.

Branch Manager Keith Moore – who was based at the company’s Warrington branch before opening the one on Railway Road, Chorley – heads up the new Lancashire branch, along with newly appointed Contracts Manager, John Mairs.

Thanks to its size, Bracknell Roofing has been able to deploy roofing teams to work on the projects it has already secured in the region, and it continues its recruitment drive to increase the size of the dedicated team for Lancashire.

Speaking about the launch of the new branch, Keith Moore said: “From my time at the North West branch in Warrington, we knew that there was plenty of opportunities right across Lancashire but didn’t have the capacity to develop them, so the management team at Bracknell Roofing looked at the feasibility of opening a dedicated branch.

“The name and size of the Bracknell Roofing business have really helped to open doors for us in Lancashire, especially with developers that we haven’t worked with before.

“We have already secured contracts ranging in size from small developments with 10 plots to huge ones with nearly 250 plots. What pleases me the most is that 80% of the new contracts the company has won are from new customers.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming new customers to Bracknell Roofing and demonstrating why we’ve grown to become one of the largest roofing contractors in the UK.”

The new branch will be supported by the team at Bracknell Roofing’s Burton upon Trent head office – which is a central hub for technical support, procurement, health & safety, compliance to standards (including ISO14001:2014, OHSAS18001:2007 and ISO9001:2008) and finance.

Bracknell Roofing’s Divisional Director Simon Smith is delighted with the way the new branch is establishing itself.

“All the data from our North West branch in Warrington suggested that there were lots of opportunities from north of Manchester all the way up to Lancaster, so we looked at the feasibility of opening somewhere around Preston and the opportunity came up in Chorley,” he said.

“Keith and John have got the bit between their teeth, and it’s fantastic to see that they have been able to establish the new branch so quickly.”

Simon added that the move into Lancashire follows a new Leeds-based branch, which opened in Yorkshire last year.

“The strategic growth of our business for this year is centering on the North of England because of the scale of both housebuilding and commercial developments in the region,” said Mr Smith. “These are exciting times for Bracknell Roofing, and we are well positioned to support the government’s commitment to building more houses.”



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