Bracknell Roofing Teams Up With Calypso for Sun Safety Campaign

L-R Ken Beck and Harry Henderson

Bracknell Roofing has partnered with the makers of Calypso sun cream to launch its new Safety in the Sun campaign.

The Burton on Trent-based company will be distributing Calypso sun creams and lotions to all of its 300+ roofers as part of an initiative to ensure that everyone at Bracknell Roofing takes active steps to protect their skin during the summer months.

The campaign was launched at housing development in Manchester and involved Ken Beck from Calypso and Bracknell Roofing’s Business Solutions Manager Harry Henderson.

Serious about safety
Bracknell Roofing’s Divisional Director, Simon Smith, said that as one of the UK’s largest roof, slate and tiling contractors, the company takes the issue of safety right across the spectrum – from working at height through to skin protection – extremely seriously.

Simon commented: “We are delighted that we have been able to join forces with Calypso to promote our Safety in the Sun campaign to put skin protection at the forefront of all our people’s minds as we move into the summer months, where the sun is at its strongest.

“On average, we put the roofs on more than 25,000 properties each year – which means we have a lot of employees and subcontractors out on site at any one time, and the issue of protecting skin from the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun is a message that is incumbent on responsible companies to keep hammering home all year round, not just when the sun is shining,

“Partnering with Calypso has given us a fresh perspective on the issue, and it’s something we can share with everyone across all of our nine branches up and down the country.”

Every day is a Sun-day
Sun care brand Calypso is driving home the message in 2018 that “EVERY Day is a SUN-Day” and will be campaigning throughout the year to educate on how best to protect your skin from the sun.

Calypso’s sun care expert, Mr Seena Seka said: “The focus for this year is to encourage people to realise the importance of wearing sun cream every day. Our partnership with Bracknell Roofing is a testament to that as outdoor workers can fail to remember the importance of wearing sun cream in all weathers and climate.

“We hope this partnership will raise awareness of the damage that can be caused to the skin from harmful UVA/UBA rays and it will encourage outdoor workers to wear SPF30 or higher, all year round.”

Simon Smith added: “We are grateful that Calypso has been so willing to get involved with our Safety in the Sun campaign, and it goes to show that sun cream is as important on a building site as it is on a beach.”



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