Brett Martin Delivers Effective Industrial Daylighting Solutions

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NATURAL DAYLIGHT brings a range of unique well-being benefits to any workspace, however to achieve the right specification and optimum rooflight performance requires careful attention to detail.

Rooflights have evolved to meet changes in building standards, user demands and roof design to ensure projects can achieve the maximum amount of natural daylight from a weathertight system which is rapid and simple to install.

Energysaver factory-assembled insulating rooflights (FAIRs) are the result of more than 60 years manufacturing expertise and have been developed as an efficient daylight solution for composite panel roofs. They are designed and manufactured for each individual project to ensure perfect fit and long-term performance.

Fit and Forget Rooflight Solution

Roofing contractors understand the value of a “right first time” policy, leading to reduced installation time, enhanced safety and eliminating the need to return to site.

Brett Martin developed Energysaver factory-assembled rooflights with multiple design features to aid handling and installation, ensuring an accurate and reliable fit that will save time and reduce fitting costs. Accredited with full BBA approval, Energysaver FAIRs deliver natural diffused daylight deep into the interior areas of wide-span buildings typically found in the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and recreational sectors.

Energysaver is produced as a complete, ready to fit unit which is robust enough to be safely handled on site as reinforced end supports increase the rigidity of the whole rooflight, minimising flexing and damage during site handling.

They are manufactured from thermally stable GRP which is fully compatible with all components used for composite panel roofing – this eliminates the risk of water ingress from thermal movement of differing materials.

Brett Martin rooflights in warehouse

Innovative Detailing

Further enhanced long-term weatherability has been achieved through the unique details incorporated within the Energysaver FAIR, designed to minimise the element of human error during installation.

Specially developed Hardpak internal supports are positioned to allow fixing over purlin supports. Made from an extremely rigid material, these robust supports allow fasteners to be tightened with minimal risk of ‘dishing’ around the fastener.  This rigidity dramatically reduces the potential for water ingress around the fixing.

Another key feature is the Underlap Strip (ULS), a galvanised steel strip which is specially profiled to match the rooflights’ sheet corrugation. This allows the installer to use standard sidelap stitching screws when fixing both the rooflight sidelaps to the metal roof panel.

Each of these features was developed in conjunction with a leading fastener manufacturer, to ensure these composite panel rooflights could be fixed as part of the normal roof build process. Roofing contractors do not need specialist tools, which means these rooflights can be installed with the same standard tools required for the rest of the roof. The result is hundreds of thousands of square metres of easy-fit, leak-free rooflights installed and still working flawlessly today. Users can specify Energysaver with Superlife UV protection, offering durability with a 25-year service life expectancy or with options for 30 years.

Installation Efficiency

As testament to the installation efficiency and commercial benefits of a ready-to-fit rooflight solution, Energysaver FAIRs from Brett Martin are in high demand supporting the rapid growth of UK Construction. The unique features of this system are recognised by installers and building owners leading to widespread use on large modern warehouses and units within huge industrial developments such as: The Range Distribution Centre, Magnitude 314 Warehouse, Magna Park Lutterworth, Prologis Apex Park and Aviator Park.

The construction industry has been described as a unique and complex field with many different people and companies coming together to build something. Whilst efficiency has been elusive despite investment in training and technology, composite panel rooflights have potential to be a lifesaver when it comes to their ease, speed and compatibility of installation.

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