Britannia Paints Celebrates Latest Awards Nomination

HISTORIC WATERPROOFING company Britannia Paints is celebrating its latest awards nomination, with the company up for a Construction News Project of the Year award.

Musgrave Marketplace is a chain of retail stores throughout Ireland. The Ballymun, Dublin store was experiencing multiple roof leaks throughout the store. The roof is 8000m² of double lined asbestos corrugation sheeting. Britannia Paints carried out a complete encapsulation of the existing roof by applying a seamless fibre glass coating system over the entire asbestos cement sheeting and installing new metal lined PVC in all gutter channels. The value for this project was £1,050,000.00

During the roof survey, using their drone aerial surveying equipment, Britannia Paints noticed the asbestos sheets had various hairline cracks throughout, with large amounts of moss and plant-life growing after years of maintenance neglect.

Live site

The clients only requirement was that the works take place while the retail outlet remained live throughout. The project was planned to be completed over eight months, but was in fact completed in six months – much to the client’s delight.

As the project was over 30 days it had to be notified to the HSA (Health and Safety Authority Ireland). They called to site and were more than happy with the paperwork, set-up and precautions onsite.

Rigorous health & safety

The site was set-up to meet rigorous Health & Safety regulations with the installation of 316m of edge protection to the roof perimeter fixed to the buildings steel frame and 8000m² of safety netting within the retail store.

To allow Britannia Paints to gain access across the asbestos cement safely, the company purchased 6nr 12m long crawl boards, which were fitted with edge protection and a harness line. A scaffold was installed for access and loading. A site container was positioned below the loading bay and hoarding to create a compound.

Next, was ensuring all site staff were correctly trained before entering site. There were 12 operatives on this project and all workers received training in various training skills, such as working at height, asbestos awareness, manual handling, COSHH, etc.

Also, prior to commencing works, asbestos air tests were carried out before and during the roof cleaning and primer application. Once the primer was fully applied, the cement sheeting was satisfactorily sealed posing no further danger.

The roof works

With roof works ready to commence, the first task was to clean the entire roof surface of all plant life and debris, with the waste treated as asbestos waste. Over 12 tons of asbestos waste was double bagged and locked in Britannia’s steel container before being correctly disposed of.

The next stage was to apply two coats of primer. Britannia Paints applied a base coat and fiberglass membrane over all joints and overlaps. A second layer of base coat was applied to the entire roof area, followed by the finished top layer. With all the pitched roof works completed, a PVC liner was installed into the channel, with outlet cages installed to all outlets.

Evaluating the project

Performance on this project was to the highest overall standard. When evaluating the complete project, Britannia Paints looked at its workmanship, product types and its performance, its H&S performance, site meetings with the client, dealing with the live store issue, managing the asbestos element, planning in specialist sub-contractors and the overall project duration – meaning this project was highly successful: a blueprint for this type of roofing works.

The project was both challenging and rewarding with regard to the numerous obstacles that were faced during planning and costing, both prior to wining the contract and also when the project commenced to completion.

Britannia Paints ensured the project was planned and executed to precision with all health and safety issues addressed, asbestos dangers managed and monitored, proposed materials data sheets researched and discussed with suppliers, and the retail staff and their customers’ safety being top of the agenda.

Winning formula

Britannia Paints said, “A project of this size and magnitude does not come along too often and we made sure that it was carried out to the highest standard possible.”

“The work on this project involved a lot of research and development prior to the actual onsite works commencing. A lot of time was spent on ensuring we ticked all the boxes required to meet the high standards of the Health & Safety Authority in Ireland, as we were only previously used to working with the HSE in Northern Ireland.”

Britannia Paints is confident it has an award-worthy project, commenting, “The complete team, from management to site staff, worked collaboratively together. The project was planned and executed from start to finish with complete precision, completed ahead of schedule with a very happy client to boot.”



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