Major Update for Building Design Framework Guide

BSRIA has launched a “major update” of the design framework guide for building services – BG 6 – A Design Framework for Building Services (5th edition).

BG 6 contains design activity proformas and drawing and model definitions that are used to support contract documents. The guide encourages efficient collaborative working between building services and other designers, such as architects and structural engineers and also within building services supply chains.

BG 6 was first published in 1994 to facilitate and accelerate clarity over the roles and duties of those involved in the design phases of construction projects. It provides a series of task lists, model descriptions and sample drawings to let the user decide what activities are carried out by which project team member, when, and to what level, of detail.

David Bleicher, Publications Manager, BSRIA, said: “In recent years, changes in technology have brought new issues concerning the level of information provided as outputs from design activities. They have also highlighted the need for clarity around existing topics, such as the resolution of clashes throughout the design stages and defining coordination roles and responsibilities. These are addressed in the new edition.

“The release of this new edition ensures that BG 6 continues to be the industry standard document for building services consultants, consulting engineers, contractors and designers. It helps them, and their clients, clarify and define the extent and timing of their design activity and design deliverables on any project.”

BSRIA believe it is crucial that each party understands its responsibilities. The hope is that using the guide will ensure that all necessary activities are identified and allocated and that there are no gaps between, or duplication of, responsibilities.

Key areas of change to B6 include:

  • A new layout with clear colour coding for easier navigation.
  • Better guidance for the reader/user.
  • Completely revised stage-by-stage tasks descriptions as pro-formas.
  • New and more illustrations of 3D models and drawings delivered at the different project stages.
  • More comprehensive listings of deliverables now available as an online resource.
  • A range of worked examples showing how the tools could be completed for different types of project or appointment, in an appendix and online.

BSRIA will be holding new BG 6 training courses in November – in both Bracknell and Preston. A webinar will also be streamed.

BG 6/2018 can be purchased in pdf and hard copy from the BSRIA website. BSRIA members can download the pdf for free. A fully editable ‘licensed version’ is also available.

BG6/2018 Design Framework for Building Services 5th Edition



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