Builders Merchant Prices Up Star Wars Universe

AHEAD OF THE RELEASE of the upcoming Star Wars film, roofing supplies company Burton Roofing has priced up just how much it’d cost to build your own moisture farm on Tatooine, alongside a number of other famous properties in the Star Wars universe.

According to Burton Roofing Merchants, Luke Skywalker’s family home, the Lars Homestead is an igloo-shaped moisture farm on the planet of Tatooine. The property is featured on Episodes II, III and IV – and could be all yours for just £93,197 with construction projected at just 16 weeks.

For that price you’ll have access to no less than 63 vaporators and a spacious main living pit with links to various rooms, lofts and outdoor areas.

The Millennium Falcon

Meanwhile the most expensive job priced up by Burton was the Millennium Falcon.

Burton said: “While the idea of building your own may seem out of this world, Elon Musk and SpaceX effectively did just that with the Falcon Heavy rocket. We scaled up the costs and timings to match the costlier YT-1300 light freighter – which could be ready for launch within 12 weeks.

“The iconic Millennium Falcon is the fastest vessel in the Star Wars galaxy, and that kind of technology doesn’t come cheap. Rebuilding this starship will set you back £604,824,218 – plus a further £108,681,328 for every launch.”

Ewok Village

Elsewhere in the Universe, construction of the Ewok Village on the forest moon of Endor, which features in Return of the Jedi, would set you back approximately £288,000 including materials and labour.

The village itself features plenty of communal areas and lookout points plus a medical centre and spaces for food storage. Building the 16 thatched-roof huts in the trees should take you 32 weeks.

The Sandcrawler

A more affordable project, according to Burton, would be the Sandcrawler spotted on Tatooine in the first film of the franchise Star Wars: A New Hope.

With its large treads and armour-plated exterior, the Jawa’s Sandcrawler fits the bill perfectly. The bill itself, however, is hefty – the tank-like structure comes in at £16,868,000 all in, with construction projected to take around 32 weeks from start to finish.

Burton Roofing comment, “Inside are sleeping quarters, a control room and other areas – though communal spaces are somewhat limited. Who needs friends when you’re inside a fortress on wheels?

“We scaled up the process of building a Challenger 2 battle tank to accommodate the larger size and extra machinery and work out the costs of a scavenger’s life on the road.”



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