BYB B-Box HV Helps Users on Their Way to Energy Independence

BYD Co. Ltd., the world’s largest provider of rechargeable batteries, is pleased with the positive reception of its high-voltage storage solution, B-Box HV in the European market.

More and more homeowners are looking for an optimized way to use the energy of their solar systems for both self-consumption and to be independent from energy suppliers. A recent example is the former CEO of Frankensolar, Reinhold Hieronymus, who was looking for an energy storage solution to complement the PV rooftop system of his family home in Bavaria.

Reinhold compared the system with other high-voltage solutions and concluded: “The B-Box was able to convince me with its superior features compared to the solutions of competitors. It offers unique advantages such as the plug-in system for easy installation and the modular design which provides maximum flexibility and expandability.”

Reinhold continues: “Rising energy prices were only one factor for us to start looking for an energy storage system. The much stronger incentive for us was to be able to independently produce and use our own, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.”

There are many reasons why homeowners should choose the BYD B-Box HV:

  • Modular and expandable at any time – making B-Box a future-proof investment
  • Minimised conversion losses due to high-voltage technology
  • Easy installation throughpatented, innovative plug-in system
  • Look and quality of the design
  • Trust in BYD as the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries
  • Compatibility with proven inverters such as SMA, Kostal, etc.

The new B-Box HV is the first direct high-voltage energy storage solution with a patented plug-in modular design for commercial and residential use, through serial connection of battery cells, rather than a low-volt battery with an integrated DC/DC converter as former offers on the market.

The key advantage of the high-volt storage system is that the energy is already compatible with the voltage of most PV systems and the grid, so conversion losses are minimized and the system is even more efficient. The system offers a wide range of capabilities to meet light to heavy electrical load usage, on-grid or back-up, single-phase or three-phase applications.

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