Celebrating 45 Years with #TEAMTROCAL

To honour Sika’s UK presence over the last 45 years, the company is running a new six-month digital campaign, #TeamTrocal. Not only will the campaign celebrate the company’s anniversary, it will commemorate all the staff members and contractors who comprise #TeamTrocal.

People are at the heart of Sika-Trocal®, and this is why #TeamTrocal will be running a competition during the digital campaign, where every two weeks a winner will win a Sika-Trocal® goodie bag. After the six month campaign, the overall winning picture will receive an Apple iWatch.

For the last 45 years, Sika-Trocal® has maintained the highest standards of training and quality installation for flat roofing membranes, suitable for new builds, refurbishment and green roof equipment. Sika-Trocal® offers the best roofing membrane solutions on the market; it’s safe, economical roofing installations are extremely durable and suitable for a variety of roof forms. The #TeamTrocal campaign celebrates Sika-Trocal’s commanding presence as an industry leader and a specialist.

Throughout this period, Sika-Trocal® has demonstrated its outstanding versatility to meet the most demanding projects; with the company’s roofing membranes featuring on high-profile UK builds including Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Blackpool Sea Life Centre. Sika-Trocal® has gained its reputation as a dedicated company that ensures all bases of an installation are covered.

The #TeamTrocal campaign showcases Sika-Trocal®’s deep appreciation for its staff and the many contractors it has supported over the years. This is a great achievement for Sika-Trocal® and they look forward to sharing another 45 years with its people.



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