A2, s1,d0 Chromatics Safety Glass used as Balustrades, Rainscreen Cladding and Monolithic Spandrel Panels

THE MINISTRY of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) issued an advice note on 24 June 2019 clarifying risks arising from balconies on residential buildings and stipulating glass materials that can be specified safely.

Glass safety classification

Following the publication of this Advice Note 21, Chromatics Glass is advising that the company’s safety glass can be used for projects where previously laminated glass with PVB was specified. Chromatics’ safety glass is a unique safety glass composite which does not use PVB and holds A2, s1, d0 “Classification or reaction to fire”

Lightweight and shatterproof, Chromatics’ safety glass is also available in any colour or digital print for use as rainscreen cladding and as monolithic spandrel panels.
For more information or to arrange a meeting contact: info@chromaticsglass.com.



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