Handmade Clay Tile Manufacturer Gives Behind-the-Scenes Factory Tour

HANDMADE CLAY roof tile manufacturer, Spicer Tiles Ltd, is spreading its message of expert, hand-crafted skills and the traditional products it offers, by welcoming all those interested in heritage roofing products to its manufacturing facility.

The behind-the-scenes tour is ideal for roofing contractors, architects, home owners or developers. It shines a light on the careful detail that goes into each clay roof product as well as the reasons for century-old techniques that are still used in today’s manufacturing process.

Adam Spicer

The company’s director, Adam Spicer, believes it is important to educate the roofing industry on the history of its materials. He said, “Aside from the description in the name, not many people are able to truly understand the benefits of a handmade tile until it is explained in detail and the visual gains are properly exhibited.”

During the guided experience, visitors are taken through each part of the factory: from the clay preparation plant, through to the hand-making tile line, the drying rooms, and finally onto the kilns, to see and understand the entire process for themselves and understand how traditional, peg tiles, bespoke clay tiles and fittings and standard plain tiles and fittings are made.

Visitors also have the opportunity to get hands-on and make their own tile which is sent to them after it is fired in the Spicer Tiles kilns.

A recent tour in April saw 11 architects from Kent Design Studio treated to an informative and interesting day at Spicer Tiles factory in New Ronmey, Kent.

Kent Design Studios architectural technician, Joe Murray, said: “The entire Spicer Tiles team made us all feel very welcome.

“It was a great experience and I feel like everyone who went along learnt a lot. We would love to work together with Spicer Tiles on future projects. I am certain that many of our clients will be keen to experience the tour to take a look at tiles for their own projects in the same way.”



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