CLC and HSE Unite to Encourage Talking about Work Related Stress

construction worker with work related stress

THE WHOLE INDUSTRY is being encouraged to start a conversation about work related stress by the Health & Safety Executive which has joined forces with the Construction Leadership Council.

The past 12 months have placed unprecedented strains on workers as companies have adopted new ways of working in response to the pandemic. This builds on some of the already recognised stresses of working in the complex construction working environment.

Work Related Stress

The Health & Safety Executive has moved to make sure that every business has the support it needs to look after its employees. It has published a Talking Toolkit: a guide on how to prevent work related stress in construction.

Now the Construction Leadership Council is encouraging all businesses from across the industry to put the guide into the hands of their teams. It wants to inspire conversations to identify and manage stress for construction employees.

Sarah Jardine, HSE Chief Inspector Construction

HSE Chief Inspector of Construction, Sarah Jardine, said: “We have worked with industry partners to develop the toolkit. It specifically homes in on the particular work related stress challenges that may be experienced by those working in construction.

“Stress, depression and anxiety are the second biggest cause of ill-health in the sector, so tackling them offers the chance to make a real difference to thousands working in the sector”

Andy Mitchell, CLC Co-Chair

Construction Leadership Council co-chair, Andy Mitchell, said “While the industry has made an outstanding effort to protect employees from the effects of the pandemic in the last year, it is all too clear that workers continue to be at risk from work-related stress. The Talking Toolkit offers free, practical help developed by experts to help release pressure from the workplace. The CLC strongly encourages everyone to pick up a copy.

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