Cold-applied Flat Roof System Awareness Heats Up

Flex-R’s National Sales Manager, Danny Cole

THE UK CONSTRUCTION industry’s awareness of cold-applied flat roof systems is on the rise – but there’s still work to do to overturn hot-melt systems being seen as the ‘default’ for use on many new builds and renovation projects with flat roofs.

That’s the main finding from Flex-R’s review of its continuous professional development (CPD) training programme, which it has rolled out following the introduction of a team of new Regional Specification Managers (RSMs).

The team of RSMs were tasked with building links with specifiers and architects. To build relationships further, the company has offered CPD to sections of the construction industry that are responsible for overseeing the choice of materials used on projects.

The benefits of cold-applied systems
Flex-R’s National Sales Manager, Danny Cole, said that having the ability to offer CPD has been a springboard for conversations around the benefits of cold-applied systems.

“We know that the roofing industry is well versed in cold-applied systems – but beyond that there’s a noticeable drop-off in knowledge, and the default for those in other sectors is the traditional one of using hot-melt bitumen,” said Danny.

“Our RSMs have all reported that everyone they have presented to has sat up and taken notice of single-ply EPDM, TPO and liquid waterproofing as viable alternatives to traditional flat roofing systems.

“They run through a number of scenarios – including large structures (such as warehouses with steel frames), prestigious commercial projects (which typically have a strong aesthetic appeal), plant rooms and direct overlays – to showcase how cold-applied systems can work effectively and offer long-lasting performance on every type of flat roof surface.

“And when discussing the challenges around working with hot materials, as well as applying them at height, the use of cold-applied flat roof systems becomes a more compelling argument.”

Danny added that Flex-R is enjoying challenging established conventions in the wider construction industry.

He added, “The CPD programme has given us much more clarity on the rationales of architects and those who specify the materials for flat roofing. And this gives us stronger foundations to extol the virtues of single-ply EPDM, TPO and liquid waterproofing.”

To book a CPD, visit the Flex-R website or call 01494 448792.



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