Connecton Celebrates the Sustainable Slater by Giving Away 50 Free Roofers Bags

FOR OVER 170 years Connecton has been manufacturing fixings for slate roofs.

Their team is one of craftspeople and their products have been used on countless historical buildings all over the UK and Ireland, as well as in the rest of Europe.

Today, Connecton is launching a new approach.

Sustainable Concept

The concept is simple.

The company wants to improve job safety and ergonomics, reduce waste, limit the use and spill of natural resources, minimize its ecological footprint, without adding costs to the job.

Free Roofer’s Bags

In line with this new concept, Connecton is launching the Roofer’s Bag – a tool that improves ergonomics, safety, ease and comfort on the roof.

And, to celebrate the new concept, Connecton is giving away 50 FREE ROOFERS BAGS.

Sustainability is at the heart of the firm’s other products, including the C Color slate hooks, and its new packaging, the Green Box. These products minimize waste, minimize the company’s ecological footprint, and maximize quality and efficiency.

The Sustainable Slater products are distributed all over the UK and Ireland. Please check the Sustainable Slater website to find out more.



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