Construction Advised to Keep Covid-19 Safety Measures

construction workers with covid-19 safety facemasks

THE CONSTRUCTION Leadership Council (CLC) is advising construction companies to retain Coivid-19 safety measures beyond 19 July’s lifting of restrictions.

The CLC’s Site Operating Procedures will remain available as the organisation says that businesses across the supply chain have welcomed the consistency that the Site Operating Procedures have provided.

The CLC says construction firms may also wish to maintain social distancing for the time being.

Guidance on the Use of Face Coverings in Construction has been updated in line with the latest Government guidance from 19 July. However, CLC recommends that the good practices the industry has adopted over the last 18 months are retained.

The CLC Site Operating Procedures (SOP) and Branch Operating Procedures have played an essential role in enabling the industry to continue working safely throughout the various lockdowns and their adoption on over 99% of sites ensured consistency across the supply chain.

Construction Covid-19 Safety

Cases of COVID-19 remains widespread across the UK are expected to reach 100,000 per day by next week. Hospital admissions are also rising and are expected to number 2,000 per day by the end of the month, according to government models.

The CLC points out that construction companies might wish to retain Covid-19 safety measures themselves or be asked to do so. The SOP will continue to provide guidance on how this can be done.

The CLC guidance may also assist in carrying out risk assessments as working arrangements are reviewed and revised, and the CLC advises that any changes to social distancing measures are discussed with the workforce.

The Site Operating Procedures and Branch Operating Procedures have helped the industry to adopt some good practices over the last 18 months, including more organised sites, enhanced welfare facilities, increased ventilation and improved communication with the workforce, which the CLC strongly recommends retaining.

Self-Isolating Requirements

Requirements for close contacts of people in England who have tested positive for COVID-19 to self-isolate will remain in place until 16 August 2021. From that date onwards, close contacts will not have to self-isolate if they have received both doses of the vaccine or are under 18. They will be advised to get a PCR test and if it is positive then they will still need to self-isolate for 10 days.

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