Construction Gender Pay Gap Tops Double National Average

  • mean construction sector gender pay gap = 3%
  • median construction sector gender pay gap = 25%

At 25 % the construction industry’s gender pay gap is over double that of the national average, government figures reveal, showing that for every 75p a woman earns, men take home £1.

For the first time, construction companies with over 250 employees were required by the government to report the salaries they pay to men and women on 5 April 2018. The average difference in pay between men and women – named the gender pay gap – for the 240 construction companies submitting figures showed that, on average, men receive 22.3% higher salaries than women, compared a national figure of 10%.

Equal or comparable
The data is not a comparison between salaries for identical jobs but pay for equal or comparable positions. The figures also highlight that it is men who are consistently occupying the top positions, with women typically in lower-paid roles.

While there is an already sizeable gender pay gap in construction, the difference will likely be even more exaggerated in the roofing sector, where the vast majority of companies are SMEs, which are statistically less likely to recruit from a diverse background.

With a construction skills shortage that is heavily impacting on the roofing industry (CSN reports highlight the need for 158,000 new roofers by 2022)  addressing the gender pay gap will require long term and consistent action from key industry organisations. It presents an opportunity to recruit from a more diverse range of candidates, addressing the skills shortage as well as the difference between men and women’s pay.




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