Surge of Support for 100% Hackitt from Construction Industry

Since its launch on Monday 22 October, more than 100 organisations and individuals across the construction sector have signed up to support the 100% Hackitt initiative.  Supporters include builders, architects, fire safety and building consultants, fire fighters, trade associations and property maintainers.

The 100% Hackitt initiative was started by LABC and BBA with the aim of bringing together influential individuals and organisations who support the systemic change in the construction industry proposed by Dame Judith Hackitt.  In addition to keeping pressure on government ministers to adopt all of the 53 Hackitt recommendations, it also strives to provide opportunities for industry professionals to discuss cross-disciplinary issues.

Commenting, LABC’s Deputy Managing Director, Lorna Stimpson said, “We were delighted with the response from industry and parliamentarians at the launch – and the response since then clearly shows momentum is building for the whole system change the industry desperately needs.

“Dame Judith has been clear all along that the Government cannot cherry pick her recommendations – and neither can the industry.  Many of the recommendations don’t have to wait for government action.  The industry can just come together to get on with it.  And that’s why 100% Hackitt is so vital.  It’s a space for the industry,  the majority of whom are progressive and forward looking,  to get together and make a difference.”

The BBA’s Chief Executive, Claire Curtis-Thomas added, “We are working with our friends and supporters – more of whom are signing up by the day – on a programme of action so the whole industry can get behind the initiative.  The opportunity to recast the industry, to end the race to the bottom, is too big not to act.  I am very pleased that so much of the industry already agrees and is joining us in taking action for a safer future.”



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