Construction Mental Health Toolkit Launched Online

MENTAL HEALTH charity, Mind, has launched an online construction toolkit that allows employers and employees access to free tools, advice and information from a range of well-being organizations.

The UK-wide initiative provides resources and tips on how to start the conversation on mental health, mental health first aid training and five steps to building a positive and supportive culture in construction.

Mind also invited colleagues from Building Mental Health to put together the toolkit of resources.

Faye McGuinness, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes at Mind, said: “We are pleased to launch this sector specific toolkit to the construction industry.

“We know that suicide rates are a much larger cause of death than falls from a height in the construction industry. We hope this toolkit encourages people to open up the conversation on mental health in construction and to utilise the resources to help them get started.”

Workplace well-being study
A study into workplace well-being, by Mind, revealed that poor mental health at work is widespread, with half (48 per cent) of all people surveyed saying they have experienced a mental health problem in their current job.

The survey of more than 44,000 employees also revealed that only half of those who had experienced poor mental health had talked to their employer about it, suggesting that as many as one in four UK workers is struggling in silence.

Roughly three in five employees said their mental health was good or very good (58 per cent), while 13 per cent of respondents said that their mental health was currently poor or very poor. Of those who said their mental health was poor, 82 per cent said that this was work-related – either due solely to problems at work, or a combination of problems at work and outside of work.

The online toolkit can be accessed here.



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