Construction Professionals Urged to Act Swiftly on Part L Consultation

THE DEADLINE for the government’s consultation on revisions to Part L and Part F is imminent. This is prompting insulation specialist Actis into reminding fellow construction organisations to help influence how the industry will achieve the Future Homes Standard.

Actis has already responded with its own insight into the best ways to reduce heat loss through the building fabric. These include ensuring the thermal performance of systems, eliminating thermal bridging, increasing airtightness and ensuring builders adopt a practical approach to build quality.

Performance gap

And it is supporting a proposal outlined in the consultation document to include practical, technical advice for builders on how to address the performance gap and reduce thermal bridging.

Actis hopes that sharing insights from its CPD on addressing the performance gap, and its work with LABC on educating fellow professionals on thermal compliance, will play a role in helping the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) create a stringent energy efficiency blueprint which will shape the future of housebuilding.

Take up of Actis CPD sessions on Addressing the performance gap with reflective insulation has increased by around 50 per cent in the past year. Indeed, it has been so popular that Actis has just launched a follow up module on compliance.

LABC alliance

The growing success of the initial CPD can be partly attributed to Actis’ alliance with LABC, with which it cooperates on monthly roadshows.

The sessions are often booked en bloc by local building authorities or architectural practices or as part of a wider construction event.

They look at why the performance gap exists, the effects of external factors on the fabric efficiency of a building, air tightness and thermal bridging and how this can be achieved on site.

The format involves a 40-minute presentation followed by a 20-minute Q and A, a chance to inspect insulation materials at first hand and talk to technical experts about thermal bridging issues.

Delegates have been full of praise for the sessions, with Camden Building Control officers, for example, describing the seminar they attended as “exactly the presentation I was hoping for – really clear and well presented” and “well detailed and informed, full of useful info for future refurbs and upgrades.”

Actis’ new CPD, Proven Compliant Systems, was launched in the new year to much acclaim from a private building control team who said it answered every question they had.

The deadline to respond to the MCHLG’s Future Homes Standard 2019 Consultation on changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for new dwellings is 7th February.



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