Construction Workers Missing Out on Workplace Pensions

LESS THAN ONE in four of workers in construction is paying into a workplace pension according to figures obtained by Unite, the union.

Obtained through a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Work and Pensions, just 23 per cent of workers are on a scheme, with 349,000 enrolled in an industry of 1.5m.

The union says the low numbers of construction workers paying into a pension is a major failure of the government’s auto-enrolment pension scheme, which was designed to ensure that all employees pay into a workplace pension.

Poverty in retirement

Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail said: “These figures show that the government’s auto enrolment pension policies are failing construction workers.

“This failure will result in hundreds of thousands of construction workers being forced into poverty when they retire.

“Rather than tackle the factors which make it difficult or impossible for construction workers to contribute to the auto-enrolment pension regime, the government has acted like an ostrich and chosen to ignore the problem.

“Until rampant casualisation and bogus self-employment are tackled in the construction industry, workers are not going to be eligible or prepared to register for a workplace pension.”



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