Contracts Exchanged for IKEA venture’s first development

OFF-SITE HOMES construction venture BloKlok, which is jointly owned by IKEA and Skanska, has exchanged contracts for its first sites in the UK.

The company’s first three development sites, across the south and south west of England, are in Worthing, Bristol and Peacehaven.

Together, the sites will provide around 400 homes, subject to planning permission

Most of the homes will be for market sale, with a portion to be sold off to local authorities and housing associations to be part of their social housing schemes.


BoKlok homes are completed using modern methods of construction, which the company says enables high quality, low and predictable costs and minimum waste.

The completed homes are manufactured off-site and are finished with IKEA fittings before being transported to the construction site for assembly.

BoKlok President, Jonas Spangenberg said, “We are delighted to meet this first milestone for our UK business.

“We are grateful to our partners and the local authorities we are working with who have been supportive in sharing our vision of sustainable, quality, low cost homes for all.”

The first developments are expected to complete in 2021.



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