Cost Effective Anti-Spatter

Although good practice can reduce weld spatter, by and large it is a fact of life.  Many welders don’t have access to the latest technology in welding equipment to eliminate the problem and this is where Henkel is really making a difference.

Henkel, with more than 140 years of brand success are the global leader in the adhesives business, offering an unparalleled breadth of technologies serving all global markets and industries.

The company, whose brands include LOCTITE®, TEROSON® and BONDERITE®, has developed a range of simple, spray-on anti-weld spatter agents and the latest addition is BONDERITE® S-MA 98.

Improve worker safety
This water-based surface treatment product – part of Henkel’s functional coatings range – is already helping manufacturers decrease cleaning time, material wastage and improve worker safety. Extensively used in automotive manufacturing and now available to the production industry at large, BONDERITE® S-MA 98 is a colourless liquid that is applied directly to the body-in-white panel or workpiece.

Supplied in 25 litre quantities, BONDERITE® S-MA 98 can be applied by hand or via a TEROSON® pump spray bottle, designed for accurate dispensing of industrial liquids from bulk containers. It provides an infinitely adjustable spray pattern and holds one litre.

The product is easily removed in the alkaline cleaning stage of the conversion coating process or can simply be rinsed off with water.

Click here for more information on Henkel anti-spatter products.




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