Council Launches Workplace Wellbeing Videos

AS PART of Mental Health Awareness Week this week (13 – 19 May), employers are being urged by the British Safety Council (BSC) to make changes in the workplace that address mental wellbeing.

The BSC has launched three videos to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week. They are based on tried-and-tested techniques and exercises that encourage staff to relax in order to reduce stress and anxiety. They also encourage physical activity at work.

Video exercises
A breathing exercise aims to control stress and anxiety with the help of breathing, by slowing the overall activity of the brain and relaxing both the mind and the body.

A visualisation exercise is intended to release tension and improve concentration. According to the BSC, visualisation exercises combined with deep breathing are proven to reduce stress and relax the body.

Chair exercises including; shoulder, leg, feet and stomach exercises to relax various parts of the body that stiffen and ache over long desk periods.

Matthew Holder, Head of Campaigns at the British Safety Council

Matthew Holder, Head of Campaigns at the British Safety Council, said: “The BSC’s wellbeing videos are intended as a practical resource to help employees look after their wellbeing and deal with the pressures of everyday working life. We hope that they will become a part of the lunchtime routine, accessed in bite-size chunks and used when required.

“Workers’ wellbeing is a shared responsibility between employers and employees and a true reflection of organisational culture. For workers to practice wellbeing and mindfulness at work, they must be supported by their organisations, their senior leadership and by line managers.”

The British Safety Council’s vision is that no-one should be injured or made ill through their work. The charity recognises that great progress has been made in Britain on addressing safety issues, but says there is still significant work to be done on wellbeing and health, particularly when it comes to mental health.



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