The Power of Before and After Pictures

WHAT DO ALL businesses have in common?

It’s pretty obvious, they all want to make money!

In our current circumstances, times are tough. Covid-19 has well and truly hit us all square on the jaw, with only a few flourishing.

Marketing has, and will, become even more important if companies are to survive the current pandemic. But what is the most effective way to market your services or products?

Well it’s actually a simple and highly effective technique that has been used for many years…

It’s the before and after photos!

We are seeing more and more new products littered all over the internet and across social media, especially with online consumer buying on the increase. But how often do we actually stop and look at the product? Probably not as often as businesses would like us to.

That’s because they haven’t leveraged this simple technique of the before and after photos.

One sector that this approach would really benefit is the roofing industry.

For example, someone might be considering a new roof installation for their house due to wear and tear, and have skimmed past an advert showing a fantastic new roof image that would tick all the boxes, but it hasn’t caught their attention…


Because there’s no instant relation to their roof. An image that you can currently relate to becomes more interesting. In this case a damaged, leaking or sagging roof.

A specialist roofing company Coventry Roofers based in the Coventry, Warwickshire area has leveraged this concept perfectly, by combining an old-fashioned conservatory roof image as the before picture and a new lightweight tiled roof as the after image.

And along with the two pictures they have:

  • branded the advert with the Coventry Roofers logo;
  • included a reason for why you should change your roof; and
  • a description of the job entailed.

This gives the viewer instant relate-ability, along with a sense of what they could achieve and who is offering this service. These are all triggers to get people to enquire about your services.

As they say the proof is in the pudding, there’s only so much you can say about what you can do for a potential client but actually showing them proof provides them with a visual, which will resonate with them more powerfully than just words.

You can even throw in an offer with your before and after images


Well, by showing a before and after image you could caption it saying something like this…

“We converted this into an all year round living space for only £2000.”

This will help add to the WOW factor and break down any financial concerns the prospective client may have, yet increasing the likelihood of a sale.

The best thing about this form of marketing is that it’s free!

All you need to do is make sure you are taking before and after images and uploading them onto your website or social media pages. Simple!

It’s time to get the most out of our camera phones! Happy snapping!



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