Covid-19 Government Guidance on Early Outbreak Management for Construction Businessess

GOVERNMENT GUIDANCE on how to handle an outbreak of covid-19 in a construction business, including the information you need to gather and who to contact has been issued.

Available to download as an ‘action card’ and keep, the guidance has links to look to the organisations you need to contact if there is an outbreak and the kind of information you will be asked.

Public Health England will ask for information about the contacts of the person who has or is suspected of having covid-19.

Go to the downloadable guidance page on Public Health England’s website here.

The latest guidance was published on 24 July 2020.

Reporting cases of covid-19 in the workplace

Single case of covid-19

If there is only one case of covid-19 identified in the workplace you should go to the NHS Test and Trace page here:

More than one case of covid-19

If there is more than one case you should report it to Public Health England. To look up your local Public Health England office go to:







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