Crest Nelskamp is Bucking the Trend in Supplying the UK with Roof Tiles

With Crest’s factories having available stock and excellent lead times, merchants and distributors are turning to the company to help them through the current roofing materials crisis.

IT’S BEEN WELL documented over the past few months that the UK is facing a roofing materials shortage. Many contractors are calling it a major crisis as they face long delays in obtaining roofing materials. The situation is desperate and with winter now upon us, the pressure is mounting.

Concrete roofing tiles seem to be one of the most affected, with lead times from order to delivery being at least 12 weeks and, in many cases, up to 22. It’s the last thing roofers need at this moment, as they are still making up for lost time due to a busy summer and lockdown restrictions.

Crest Nelskamp is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality roofing tiles and the company has been actively increasing its supply to merchants, distributors and housebuilders to help remove the tremendous pressure they face. Crest has ample production capacity and the ability to manufacture more roof tiles to further help the supply chain.

Maintaining production

During the first lockdown in March 2020, Crest’s European manufacturing partners, Nelskamp, maintained its production with Covid guidelines in place and official guidance from the German government – unlike many manufacturers’ in the UK, who were unable to produce and build up stocks at this time.

Crest’s range of roof tiles are specially crafted and engineered by Nelskamp, with six modern production facilities strategically positioned across the country. Crest Nelskamp roof tiles are recognised for their use of high-quality robust materials and proven manufacturing techniques.

Roof tile stocks

Stuart King, Crest’s Deputy Managing Director, said: “With stock on the ground waiting to be despatched from our factories and the increase to our transport and logistics operation to cope with the extra demand, we are working hard to keep delivery times as short as possible.

“With available stock we continue to push the boundaries in terms of supplying innovative, high quality engineered roofing tiles that have excellent technical properties all of which are guaranteed for a minimum of 30 years.

“Most of our tiles have been carefully designed to reduce both labour and material costs, as well as completion times, without sacrificing the quality and overall appearance of the roof, which is obviously important to planning and environmental needs.

“As many parts of the UK are entering into the higher Tier 3 Covid restrictions, the likelihood of material shortages improving is remote. UK based raw materials are under severe pressure, and this will have a knock-on result across the whole of the supply chain with most issues appearing in the spring and summer of next year.”



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