Crowdfunding for Bitter Builder Following Digger Rampage

A GoFundMe page has been created for a construction worker who ploughed a digger through the reception area of a Travelodge in Liverpool following a dispute over £600 of unpaid wages.

Footage showing the digger driver, who appears to be named John, mounting the steps of the hotel, crashing through the front sliding doors and destroying the contents of the reception area, went viral on social media on Monday 21 January 2019.

Merseyside Police were called to the incident on Edge Lane shortly after 3pm but failed to catch the culprit, who made a quick escape on foot. One man was reportedly treated at the scene for irritation to his eyes caused by exposure to diesel.

In support of the digger driver, Jack Wellon launched a GoFundMe campaign in the hope that it would help fund the unpaid wages for the digger driver, and any legal fees which may arise as a result of the demolition. Jack said, “Many people in the building trade encounter similar situations week in, week out, and this guy has helped tradesmen and women to get paid on time and to stand up for themselves when it’s really needed.”

Almost £500 of the page’s £600 target was raised within the first two hours of the campaign going live. After just 17 hours, the page has generated £3,177 from 334 donators.

One donor commented, “Hopefully this will highlight the plight of the self-employed and subcontractors around the country. Large contracts are being given to companies who then cream off the profits and hire sub-contractors at minimum rates without having to pay benefits.

“This kind of contract has unfortunately become the norm in the UK and families are living hand to mouth. I well understand the frustration!”

Jack has recently posted an update to the GoFundMe page regarding statements that suggested the un-paid wages were due to a banking glitch: “John and his real colleagues (who have spoken to the media about the firm they worked for) all hadn’t been paid, the other guys have now left the firm to start other jobs this morning.

“Some media outlets have taken a few jokes about the Lloyds banking glitch and ran with it, hidden in between images on The Suns article you’ll be able to read ‘#### are yet to comment about the issue’ they’ve refused to speak to the same media companies who have contacted me. I also didn’t give them permission to use my name and I haven’t spoke with them.”



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