CUPA PIZARRAS Converts at Skitham Lane


CUPA PIZARRAS range of high-quality roof slates has been used extensively during an exciting barn conversion in Skitham Lane, Preston. Selected for durability and aesthetics in keeping with the existing traditional materials, the slate has helped ensure a high standard of finish. The property is now commanding significant interest on the housing market.

Over the past decade, planning laws have become tighter around building in green spaces. As a result, property developers are having to find new ways to create attractive rural properties that provide the right appeal. In this effort, renovation projects, such as barn conversions, are increasing in popularity. This was the case recently at Skitham Lane in Preston, where a development team of JR Singleton Ltd and ALC Roofing converted a spacious barn into a semi-detached property. Using CUPA PIZARRAS roofing products as part of the extensive renovation.

Set within a small, private complex, the former barn represented a significant undertaking for the project team. For one, the building had begun to show its age, with certain structural elements beginning to deteriorate in terms of quality. On account of these concerns, the planning provisions for the conversion process required significant work. Including the full removal of the structure’s roof, which the council believed to pose a safety risk. As such, the team from JR Singleton Ltd worked to strip the roof entirely. Before handing the renovation back over to specialist roofing contractor, ALC Roofing.

CUPA 12 slate

Upon assuming control at Skitham Lane, ALC Roofing worked to install a modern, secure roofing system using CUPA PIZARRAS CUPA 12 slate as the roofing material. The non-carbonated slate, is formed by tectonic compression. It has a smooth matt surface and an average thickness of between 3.5 – 6 millimetres. front of houseOn a visual level, the slates, procured from CUPA PIZARRAS’ own industry-leading quarries in northern Spain, helped to deliver upmarket optics across the build. While also matching the barn’s existing slate exterior. Together, the roof and external walls tied together to create a high-quality, characterful overarching aesthetic.

For Alex Cremona, Director of ALC Roofing, the decision to choose CUPA PIZARRAS slate solutions was obvious. He commented: “In my opinion, you can never go wrong when using CUPA PIZARRAS slates, which is why I use them exclusively on all my projects. You can always rely on the company to provide high-quality, visually pleasing products in a timely manner, which helps to make my job so much easier onsite.

“On a project like Skitham Lane, the company was able to provide prompt delivery on a large amount of slate, which took almost a month to fully install. Throughout this period, I knew I had the backing of the company, not only on product supply, but on a technical level as well. Through my long standing relationship with members of its customer representative team.”

Long-lasting performance

Speaking on the completed conversion, Andrew Singleton, Director at JR Singleton Ltd commented: “This was an extensive conversion project, which posed a series of difficult technical challenges, including issues with the roof. Throughout the build we made it a core aim to work to retain the charm and character of the original barn, but in a way that ensured the property was also upgraded and fit for family living.

“We believe that we have achieved these goals and are really proud of how the finished development looks. The natural slate supplied by CUPA PIZARRAS and used extensively across the completely refurbished roof played a big part in this effort. The slates have helped us to guarantee structural soundness and long-lasting performance, whilst also delivering strongly in terms of style.”

back of houseWith the CUPA 12 slates in place, the project now benefits from long-term, maintenance-free roof performance. Due to providing a life span of more than a hundred years, the high-quality Spanish slate represents a more cost-effective option. This is compared to other roofing materials, that may typically only last around 50 years. Finally, as well as being resistant to damage from fungi, moss, insects, animals or birds, the high-quality slate is non-combustible. As well as sustainable as a 100% natural material.

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