DACH+HOLZ Trade Fair Gears Up for 2022

ORGANISERS OF DACH+HOLZ are already gearing up for the next trade show taking place on 15-18 February 2022, in Cologne. Exhibitors can now register for the trade fair.

Headshot of Robert Schuster, director of DACH+HOLZ
Robert Schuster, director of DACH+HOLZ

In an interview, Robert Schuster, director of the trade fair for carpenters, roofers, plumbers, architects and real estate professionals from Germany and abroad, explains the innovations that are planned and why the industry meeting point in Cologne is more important than ever.

Robert said, “The professional world is dependent on intensive exchange. On suppliers and consumers meeting each other personally, manufacturers and practitioners jointly exploring together what improves their work, which trends are important, and above all, what inspires their customers. The best places for that are trade fairs, and everyone agrees on this.”

All Requirements

If the corona pandemic continues to be an issue by the time DACH+HOLZ International 2022 takes place, how will it be handled on site?

Robert responds: “First of all, there’s one thing I’d like to say – visiting a trade fair is safer than shopping in the supermarket, where there is no registration of customers and safety distances cannot always be maintained due to the aisle widths.

“I can assure our trade fair participants that all hygiene regulations that may apply in 2022 will be observed. The health of our DACH+HOLZ family is very important to us. For the very first time, our team has a hygiene officer who knows all the requirements. They will ensure that minimum distances are possible, for example, walkways are clear and the trade fair as a whole is designed in such a way that everyone involved can meet safely and have a pleasant experience.

“We set new standards – not only in terms of hygiene, but also in terms of ticketing, lead tracking, and contact tracking. With the MyBusiness Premium flat rate, we offer exhibitors a great service package that includes online ticket vouchers for their customer invitations, as well as the data of their registered visitors.”

DACH + HOLZ Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitors can start to register right away for DACH+HOLZ International. Registration is non-binding until 1 September 2021; cancellation is free of charge until then and the participation fee is only due after admission. The hall planning is expected to start in May 2021.

What can we expect for the course of the trade fair: What have we seen before, what is new?

Robert comments, “We’ve never been known for routine. In 2022, too, our trade fairs will be different from previous ones. Because expertise, in particular, thrives on new stimuli and expects innovation. Exhibitors can rely on us here: we will work out the lead topics, concepts, and ideas together with the associations, and fine-tune every detail in close cooperation with them.”



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