Diamond GRP: Flat Roofing Solution by Permavent

PERMAVENT IS EXPANDING its extensive range of innovative roofing products. It’s releasing a new advanced GRP roofing system that provides the perfect solution to the construction industry for flat roofs.

The ‘Diamond GRP System’ offers exceptional quality for flat roofing as it has been specially formulated solely for roofing applications.

Traditionally, GRP systems were designed for marine use, such as boats and aquatic tanks. When applied to a roof the finished result was often very brittle and unforgiving, lacking the durability and flexibility required. This in turn decreased the overall life expectancy.

Diamond GRP eliminates these issues with its formula specifically designed for roofing and delivers enhanced benefits:

  • Longevity. Advanced bonding characteristics and superior flexibility improves the roofs performance and is supported with a 25-year materials guarantee.
  • Robust and Durable. Excellent strength, versatility and waterproofing makes it ideal for extreme weather conditions and frequent footfall, where it can be specified for use on walkways and balconies.
  • Intuitive installation. Quick and easy to apply all year round, with excellent UV resistance.
  • Seamless Improved Aesthetics. No seams, joints or welds are required and creates an attractive finish. This also reduces labour time for the contractor and removes potential points of water ingress.

Diamond’s exceptional performance and value for roofing, contrasts many existing products on the market that offer ‘one size fits all’ solutions. These aim to be suitable for multiple platforms which, in turn, often diminishes the overall quality and life span.

Product range

The Diamond GRP System includes base resins, topcoats, matting, trims and accessories.

The system also includes specialised products:

Fire Retardant Topcoat (Fire rating: BS476: F.AC) – a ready-made formulated fire rated topcoat that provides unrestricted use under building regulations, without the need for additional slate granules.

10m2 Roof Kit – A complete set of materials required for a 10m2 roof all in one box, a convenient option for smaller projects and DIY users.

Accessory Kits – A handy selection of all the general tools and buckets required to apply a flat roof.

Permavent is a roofing expert that designs, manufactures and distributes roofing ancillary products, including low pitch roofing solutions and speciality breathable membranes.

For more information visit the Permavent website or send an email to enquiries@permavent.co.uk.



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