Dryseal: The Extraordinary Flat-Roofing System

Dryseal flat roofing system installation

THE DRYSEAL flat roofing system is well suited to a wide range of property types, as it is easy to maintain and offers long-lasting robust protection from the elements.

When installed by one of our fully trained, approved contractors, Dryseal promises to be leak-free for 20 years and comes complete with an insurance backed warranty, meaning that you can feel secure with the quality of Dryseal.

Dryseal has a long track record of being installed on heritage buildings, as a recommended lead replacement option under Secured by Design, as well as being perfect for residential and commercial properties with flat or low-pitched roofs.  Made entirely from GRP, the Dryseal system is fully BBA approved, and is ideal for complex detailing in valleys, curved building edges, and on dormer windows.

BBA Approval signifies that the system has been made with exemplary attention to quality by a company that prides itself in manufacturing excellence.

Sustainability – Extending Service Life

At the end of Dryseal’s service life, you have the option to refurbish and apply a new topcoat, increasing the duration of the protection that Dryseal offers. Customer Garth Jeffrey from Morpeth had his Dryseal roof installed two decades ago and decided that it was well worth refurbishment.

He said: “My 20-year-old Dryseal roof had been fully watertight with no leaks and I was so satisfied that I decided to refurbish the roof to extend its life by another 20 years. Work to prepare the original covering and apply a new Dryseal topcoat was completed in 2020 by MEH Builders & Joiners of Galashiels and I am very pleased with the results. The product is excellent, as was the service from MEH”.

Dryseal Manager Andy Fell added: “This is yet another great example of the Dryseal system successfully completing its first 20 year stint, with potential for another 20 years of extra time after a straightforward low cost, top coat refurbishment. We are again delighted to be supplying added value and customer satisfaction whilst illustrating the sustainability of the Dryseal system”.

Dryseal flat roof before and during installation


In the before image, 20 years of wear and tear on the roof is clear, but it is still watertight.  To extend the service life, MEH Builders & Joiners just needed to abrade the surface, clean the substrate with acetone and then apply the new topcoat finish.  This results in the potential for a further two decades of service life, a possible overall 40 years of protection and value.

Completed Dryseal flat roofing system


Why Should I Choose Dryseal?

Highly resistant to all forms of chemical attack, the system’s topcoat can be mixed to match any BS or RAL colour and can be applied to both warm and cold roofs.  It also makes an excellent waterproof membrane for the protection of a green or ‘blue’ roof.  As Dryseal is a mechanically-fixed system, it differs from ‘wet lay’ products, as it comprises preformed components which are ready to be installed by one of our approved contractors.

Dryseal is also a recommended lead replacement, as stated above.  Lead can be an extremely expensive material and is vulnerable to thieves for its high scrap value.  Dryseal can be installed to replicate the appearance of lead, all while avoiding the potential negatives of the lead’s usage such as water contamination, high carbon impact, and the weight of the material which can put extra strain on the roof line.

All of our approved contractors undergo training at one of our training facilities in the UK or Ireland, meaning that they are fully qualified to install the Dryseal system.  All approved contractors can be found listed on our website, where you can also find technical guidance and case studies for a wide variety of applications.

Dryseal has been installed on a broad range of roofs on hospitals, hotels, schools, churches, as well as residential and commercial properties. It is a truly versatile product for flat or low-pitched roofs and can be the solution to your roofing needs.

How is Dryseal installed?

The process begins with the contractor setting out rolls of membrane combined with suitable edge trims, then fixing them to the substrate, followed by ‘lamination’ – jointing using resin and glass-fibre materials. At the end of this process, the roof is watertight.  Completion is achieved after application of a pigmented polyester topcoat which adds the final UV protection to the roof.

The installation process is straightforward and quicker to install than many other comparable systems.  As seen above in the testimonial, our Dryseal flat-roofing system can last decades, protecting your property through the extremes of snow, rain and sunlight.

Going Green

We are committed to being eco-friendly and this is evident in our diligence in assuring our products reflect this. Unlike lead and other roofing membranes, Dryseal is a non-pollutant, and has a low carbon impact, meaning it has first class ‘green’ credentials.  Being approved for use with potable water, Dryseal cannot contaminate water running off the roof, so it is appropriate for grey water systems and rainwater harvesting.

When constructing a green roof, Dryseal can be applied beneath decking, terraces and balconies, and as we have worked with specialist partners such as ANS Global and Evergreen, you can be sure you will have the best possible outcome.

What Next?

Should you decide that Dryseal is the system you need for your flat or low-pitched roof, you will be able to get in touch with one of our Approved Contractors.  Alternatively, should you want to, you can undergo training in the installation process.

Dryseal is an excellent choice for your roofing needs and, with its 20-year insurance backed guarantee, it’s a solution with a long service life with the potential to extend that period with refurbishment.

If you would like to speak to a technical advisor about Dryseal, please email techelp@hambleside-danelaw.co.uk or give us a call on 01327 701 900.



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